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"Always hate what is wrong, but do not hate the one who errs. Hate sin with all your heart, but forgive and have mercy on the sinner. Criticize speech, but respect the speaker. Our job is to wipe out the disease, not the patient." Imam al-Shafi'i
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Alhamdoullillah :-) 

"Spiritual energy travels from heart to heart in a gathering which is one of the secrets of being together, or companionship. We connect by supporting each other. We take from each other’s good positive spiritual energy, as all of mankind came from one soul our Father Adam (AS). "

"Our hearts are like satellite dishes. If they are pointing in the right direction, to the heavens, and are receiving the correct code or Sufi formula, then we will receive heavenly visions and feel tranquillity which is missing so much in our lives.

We need to learn how to breathe again and re-connect, to each other as human beings, allow our hearts to swim in the water of spiritual energy, so our inner eye opens and leads the way. We need to re-awaken our souls and become alive and be at peace again. This can all happen when one sits in the gathering of meadows of Sufi mediation and partakes of their drinks and tastes the spiritual intoxication of love of the Divine."

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Want to remove the difficulties in your life? Repent!
Want to increase your rizq? Repent
Want your duas answered? Repent
Why? Sins form a barrier between you and your duas. The fastest way to break this barrier is to repent. Our Prophet, sallahu alayhi wa sallim used to repent more than 100 times a day! What about us who falter so often and yet don’t utter one word of astaghfirullah with a sincere heart!
#Muslims #Islam #Life

"When the ego is alive, the heart dies; and once the heart becomes alive the ego vanishes."

—Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse (ra), Fi Riyadh at-Tafsir
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