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My sister Yosi Mesbah is going on a troubadorial walkabout (tour)! She musics a lot and is quite lovely at music-ing. Maybe she'll be visiting your city!!

She's raising money to fuel this grand adventure at her indie gogo page:

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Very cool. I've always had a hard time going into "3d mode", but it was easy with this picture.
THIS IS SO COOL - Can you see this image in 3D???

This is not a "hidden 3D" image within an image... It's the whole chess board in 3D!!!

You need to have/know, the ability to see 3D images with your naked eyes in order to experience the effect of this image.

If you can't, try unfocusing your eyes and then focus slowly.... or try crossing your eyes and then uncrossing... Eventually, you'll get it.

PS: As +Eric Sagel pointed out on my original post, you'll see 5 pieces in the back when viewing in 3D! (actually, all other pieces have one more.)

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Depression is an Offline Event

In the last several weeks, two people that I've known from online have taken their lives. In both cases, there were tweets or Facebook posts or Google+ updates that hinted that things might be falling apart. But we rarely notice such posts. We rarely hear them loudly, because they aren't Siri jokes or cats dressed like astronauts.

Depression is tricky. People seeking to connect and get solace online, it's not really going to help. You can't count on your Twitter following to pull you out of a depression. You can't feel floored when your online friends don't hear you loud and clear. Remember that everyone is living out their own biography, and they might not be as aware of what's been going on with you.

Seek help offline. Visit a priest or a rabbi or whatever religious person makes sense. Visit a shrink. Talk to your doctor. Often times, depression is a medical problem that is exacerbated by experiences happening in your environment.

You're not alone, but the online world makes it really hard to see your pain. Things move too fast, are too shiny, and we are all hurrying around. The online world can make you feel more alone when you're feeling sad.

Get help early. Don't feel like you are a failure because you need some help. The strongest people in the world get help often, in many forms. You are worth it. Please, seek help offline and then come back and chat with us, too. Okay?

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Dropbox is an amazingly useful file syncing/hosting/sharing service. A 2GB account is free. Use this link to sign up, and you and I will both get an extra 250mb free:

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Throw-able ball camera - Hurl it into the sky; get a panoramic view of your environment.

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"Education Under Fire" is a 30-minute documentary profiles the growth, struggle, and inspiring spirit of the Baha´i Institute for Higher Education. Baha´is in Iran have been subjected to systematic persecution, including arrests, torture, and execution simply for refusing to recant their beliefs. They are also prohibited from going to college (and blocked from many professions).

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A campaign aimed at bringing attention to human rights abuses in Iran. Can you solve this?

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Thinking of copying that floppy? Well don't. Let some premium acting and rapping from the 90s educate you:
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