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Amin Ghale
SEO Freak & Online Marketing Evangelist
SEO Freak & Online Marketing Evangelist

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Are you a small business owner looking for top notch web design solutions in Sydney? Well, then nirmal is your perfect choice. 

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How an entrepreneur turned his small startup into a revenue generating machine by just following one simple philosophy

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Infographic that breaks down every Google Algorithm Updates till this date

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Traffic from Google and loyal followers is what define us as bloggers.

We should always be at the top of Google to understand its sophisticated algo. And try to reach to the top of the rankings.

If you don't know what Google algo is. Here is a infographic that covers everything from 2004 to 2016

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A digital marketer must always be in his knees when he is fighting online. One Google Update and you are screwed.

Do you think you are top of this sophisticated algo?

Think again. This blog has got you covered:

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This is one of the most complete infographic on Google's algo history.

Nirmal Blog has done a great work here!

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This is the most updated form of Google Algorithm History.

A beautifully crafted infographic that details down to the nitty-gritty part of Google's Algorithm.

Has your traffic dipped down today? or do you think there has been a change in the Google's algo?

This beautifully crafted infographic detailing down about every Google update from it's inauguration to present day is your answer.

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Web development trends? does anybody even care?? well, for online marketers like us, it's a big deal..

Got into a post that details down few important aspects of web development trends that I thought would be useful to the community

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Target long tail keywords and traffic will flow.. How many times have you heard this story? Well, too many to count right. But has anyone told you how to get long tail keywords ranked??

here I outlined the exact methods I use to rank long tail keywords. And also for head terms too
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