As you may have already realized, it's not possible directly share your own circles anymore. Google took the share button away. Today it's only possible to reshare previously shared circles. This means that the circle below cannot be modified in any way. Those who are included will be in forever but nobody can be added.
Why resharing it then? By RESHARING it you achieve 2 main objectives:

1) Those included in the circle advertise their profiles for everybody who wants to keep on adding circles and discovering new people in a FAST and EASY way.

2) Those not included in the circle  tell Google Chiefs that #circlesharing   is really important for your page and profile's growth. Thousands of people, me included, have benefited a lot from this and obtained results not possible to obtain by any other means. 

Those notified are included in the circle

// I will add back those people who add me and engage with my public posts.//
Thank You & have a nice day everybody!
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1) Create a PYF Circle and in it put just   G+ page.
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