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Lampedusa - Sicilia

Foto by Anto
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Cool smart car paint
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Act with the original post from +Gorka Ortiz 
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1.- I am promoting and sharing this circle in my stream so, please do the same from your side.

2.- In order to keep "The Gathering Circle" as "clean" as possible from spammers, agressive business pages or profiles who don't share anything else but spam, ads or just circles please be aware that I will directly remove and block anybody asking for inclusion and meeting any of these cases:

A) Your profile mostly has circles. I'd like to include in my circles people who, at least have something to say or post, I can't understand why a profile just post circles and nothing else, not a single picture, opinion or whatever, please say something, I'd like to see there's a person behind the profile.

B) Your page or profile mostly has spam links to some kind of business where they you lend money or stuff like that.

C) Your page or profile mostly doesn't have anything else but spam, ads or links to commercial sites.

People creating and selling their own stuff like their own Porcelain or Ceramic creations will still perfectly fit in the circle, I like promoting
artists creating their own stuff, that is what we photographers also do anyway. I just want to keep away the spammers who flood our streams with lots of annoying ads and we all know how these profiles look like. ;-)

Thank you very much indeed for your friendship and cooperation ;-)

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Amig Von Hallen

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The 360 Degrees Circle - 04/22/14
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Just another night in Shibuya, Tokyo. I knew about this part of Tokyo from countless movies, travel shows and video games. Simply walking through this part of town is exciting. There's so much visual and aural stimulation.

#tokyo   #tokyostreetphotography   #tokyophotography   #japanphotography   #japan   #shibuya   #fujix100s   #streetphotography   #streettogs  
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Thank you. Plussed and shared +Amig Von Hallen
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I like playing piano
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Hi everybody, 
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