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Yesterday in Maloula Syria, only place on earth where language of Jesus is still spoken in daily life... No armed forces anywhere, notice the pickup truck guy is aiming for all the homes...
Unarmed civilians, where is the world conscious? Oh the attack by Saudi Arabians and other thugs ( USA wants to help these guys)
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Language of Jesus??

Did he not speak English?  Was he not white with blonde hair with blue eyes?

This is typically what is going on there, yet the US seems hell bent on helping these terrorists!!!
The village of Malloula speaks ARAMAIC - same language spoken by Christ +Randy Sagoo and only place in the world!
The yelling ones were speaking in Arabic those were the attackers - guy taking the video of the crime is providing proof to his Slave Masters Saudi Arabia that crime has been committed so he can get paid probably..

Syria needs USA's help but USA want to go in on the wrong side. We should be hitting Riadd and Jeddah (Source of  most evil in the world) not Damascus...Please SHARE
+Amid Yousef I was only kidding. Do know about the aramaic language. I am bit of a history and old civilizations buff.

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