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3 days redesigning my brother-in-law's for ordering organic new zealand whey. What you think it'd the site?
Thanks Amid! Fantastic job on our A Better Whey web design and site. Organic whey protein never looked so good. Yes, Whey!
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Thanks for Sharing and please follow our conversation with Amid (our web-hacker) at
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Keep calm Jesus Christ, a Syrian Jewish Carpenter defeated SATAN!
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+janan barbar you are right. His first miracle in Cana was in the south of Lebanon
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Ya Watani a song for Syria by Its favorite son +George Wassouf. Peace Salam Shalom!
Ya Watani by KAFROON's Son GEORGE WASSOUF singing for his love for SYRIA
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Books I've read in past 5 yeas to help my posts make sense. Have you read any of these?
Do you read books? Partial list of consumed books in last 2 years... Have you read any of these? 

Ask me a question about any of these books... AMID
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+Gabriele Muellenberg I prefer Audio Books because, driving and hearing Authors read their own books is a favorite
My favorite is Call me TED! Read by The man himself TED TURNER, founder of WBNX and later CNN. A true great American!
I LOVED Kennedy's book by Chris Mathews... 
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Putin answering in long details (video) news conference and says USA & his country have many similar interests and reminds us *during USA war of independence and WWI and WWII, both countries cooperated!
He accuses POLITICAL ruling circles of being clueless... Do you agree?
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+Amid Yousef  so true so true...
but the puppets will get out with a fat pension and the blame it on the next guy..
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What is your favorite MEMBERSHIP theme or plug-in?
Please include link in answer if possible! Thank you

I am looking for replacement theme for
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Great YOUTUBE hints. My brother-in- law and i have been working on his site for 3 days. This will help rank for words like Whey protein and bodybuilding... Are you good at SEO? Any hints? Thank you in advance...
How to get more people to watch your videos

This article is a bit tangential to visual storytelling, but it contains awesome tips for any serious visual storyteller who uses YouTube. After all, if nobody sees or hears your content, what good is it?

h/t +Brandon Gaille+Eugene Lee 
Before I amaze you with my YouTube SEO tips, let me share a stat with you that will make your eyes open even wider. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, and it has the least competition for eyeballs across all social platforms. To put this in contrast, here is the number of pages
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Nice to hear from you +JELENA ILIĆ, do you have a link for the PDF? 
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There is a real possibility for peace.
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I was born here in Syria.... Isn't it beautiful?
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Too bad it's now all destroyed 
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Attention CHRISTIANS, Muslims, Jews and all other religion followers: which part of DON'T KILL, you don't understand? Here are the 10 commandments for reference Peace Salam Shalom!
The Law of Almighty God, as it was handed down to Moses.
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Stop the killing.
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Questions  - 
What is your favorite MEMBERSHIP theme or plug-in?
Please include link in answer if possible! Thank you
I am looking for replacement theme for STARTBUSINESSTV website
You Will Learn From My Experience. I Came to America at Age 16 with $100... Soon I started what became, a 12 successful store chain and
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 My favorite list of Membership plugins
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Who is this SAUDI DOG? Trying to drag USA into war by with his creepy ALLEY +Benyamin Netanyahu want to drag USA and the whole world into WAR! Let's arrest and try those creeps for war mongering!     #whoisthisSaudidog 
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+Jim Fridas that's good Saudi are the same as zionistreal
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Manufacturer of specialty LED trailers called *Advertiser v2*!Founder of *The Led Media Company*!
I can help your business communicate a local message effectively by saying:LooK what we have to say or sell LooK advertising is here!We can ship this product by trucks to all USA or even worldwide for the correct size orders!
    Manufacturer, 2015 - present
    After 7 years of testing and design, we have ADVERTISER v2 geared to CAR DEALERS and special events! to learn more or call 800-955-0505
    Founder, creator of TVSHOWHOW stations and networks on the web. You make the videos, we do everything else see www.TVSHOWHOW.COM, 2011 - 2015
    We design and implement web based TVSTATIONS and provide logistics and training too
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    Founder, 2011 - 2012
  • AmidYousef.Com
    Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, 1959 - 2012
  • Auto Accents - We Put Fun Into Driving!
    Founder, 1977 - 2004
    We install sunroof, steros, alarm and fun car accessories We had 12 locations and serviced thousands of happy clients
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6550 Pearl Rd, Parma heights, Ohio 44130
In 2008 I traveled to China twice to learn Led Manufacturing with intent to build LED Signs and Billboards! I chronicle this trip with led photos and videos on ring me up if you have any questions...800-955-0505 rings my cellular phone!Anyway, we built a huge highway billboard that was an eye opening experience! People around the sign shot bullets at the sign for the frantic colors in their living rooms and bedrooms... Yiiiiiks...Then came the local zoning fun when we installed a couple of signs... You can imagine how far I get with my last-name at city hall... Haha not that anyone else gets treated any better!Those *city hall NIMRODS should held in contempt for DESTROYING AMERICA's small businesses*! Anyway, the sign business is not fun, so I designed Advertiser 1 (Weighed over a Ton and needed a Generator and PC Computer attached to it. This bulky arrangement now is welded at our office as a Sign and we keep nursing its faces by repairing and fixing it to see how many years will a sign face last? So far over 5 years have passed... So we know this stuff is going to last. Especially up north where we are located in Cleveland!Today 4-10-2015 I towed behind me the Advertiser V2.0. Tomorrow morning I am going to call on businesses and car dealers until rent it or sell it!I told my wife, I have a herd of butterflies in my stomach, as I have 0 excuses anymore! and join this conversation...
I am an Entrepreneur Manufacturer of ADVERTISER v2 
I was born and raised in SYRIA and migrated to USA at age 16.
I worked in a factory for 5 years and launched a polishing business to make extra bucks on the weekend. Eventually that grew to 12 retail locations in norther OHIO! was born out of my frustration that Yellow Pages advertising was not working anymore in 2008!
My final version released April 10th 2015 of ADVERTISER v2 
I made this for EVENTS and specially geared to CAR DEALERS
Call me at 800-955-0505 that rings my cellular 

I am an eternal optimist who believes in the goodness of everyone...
Bragging rights
I came to America at age 16 & started a business which grew to 12 retail locations and lasted 25 years. I love America!
  • Kafroon & Mashta SYRIA
    Basics - Match & Science, 1965 - 1976
  • Lincoln West - Cleveland OH
    11th Grade, 1977 - 1977
    Tried to learn ENGLISH so I can pick up girls. I thought it was the only hold back… Hey I was 16!
  • James Ford Rhodes High
    12th Grade, 1978 - 1979
    Learned more ENGLISH - I felt like a STRANGER here. Kids are tough on immigrants. They put me on OWE (Homeroom for trouble makers) hmmmm
  • Cuyahoga Community College
    Electrical Engineering, 1979 - 1983
    Loved the Physics class. I really got the stuff. I understood how formulas worked to get us to the moon and back safely. Had to stop few credits short of Associate Degree because of $368 course fee… no money!
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Saudis face existential fight against Yemeni rebels

The deployment against the Houthi indicates an all-out Saudi offensive

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Beautiful pictures of Aurora Borealis

‫قناة الميادين مباشر - Almayadeen Mubasher Channel‬‎

قناة الميادين , Al Mayadeen Tv , الواقع كما هو , الصفحة الرسمية ,

*PRIDE & CARE taken in packaging large cabinet shipping order!* A hiccup in communication left me pretty upset at first, but this story has a happy ending! Somehow we did not understand that (CURB-SIDE meant outside) and I called & was upset with the manager. To his credit he was very calm and elegant in his stance... He proceeded to tell me the *PRIDE & CARE taken in packaging the large cabinet* Anyway, the driver delivers outside in the garage unless you order upgraded service, well I must admit I stopped being upset when I saw the great care they took! Packaging everything using thick construction insulating foam that took all shocks of transport and unloading. This elegant cabinetry arrived in elegant shape and the folks at PAK-MAIL have been waiting for this rating as I am too embarrassed to call so this is my way of saying SUPER THANK YOU!
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Great place, great pleasant people, lots of exercise equipment, always a machine ready, Pool, Sauna, Whirlpool always nice temperatures and CLEAN everywhere... I like the layout of this facility as it was built from start as EXERCISE facility - not a retrofit... Lots of LOCKERS, lots of PRIVATE FAMILY changing rooms with showers. You will feel pampered here. I love it
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Preppy Boys Automotive Repairs and fixing is located in my building 4681 Northfield Road Near I271 and I480 on the *Eastern Side of Cleveland*. I see these guys a lot and they seem to have *Happy Customers* who love the service and pricing. I recommend Chris and His team and you can tell them I told you
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If classy furniture priced right is what you are looking for ... then I think I found the place for you and me... I came here to visit a friend but was surprised at the quality and good prices. Jeff explained to me that his nice furniture customers are in the North Royalton, Hinckley Strongsville area and his pricing and furniture selection was geared for that exact Audience. So... hey... I disclosed he is my friend but I tell what... You can call me on it if you don't like this place.
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They call Shaun the Gloss Boss of *Auto Spa* is in our building and he did our daughter's car to look so beautiful. She could not believe the Shine and gloss that his car detailing can do! I highly recommend Auto Spa TV's work and will continue to recommend them
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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I really like the prayer atmosphere here. The Grotto outside for Mother Mary is very beautiful. Near Downtown Bradenton FL. Their Mass Schedule (From their site is : Saturday Vigil 4:00 PM 6:00 PM (Español) Sunday 8:00 AM 10:00 AM 12:30 PM (Español) 1st, 3rd, 5th Sunday of the month at 4:00 PM (Francaís/Creole) Monday-Friday 7:30 AM Saturday 8:00 AM Holy Days Ash Wednesday 7:30 am - English 6:00 pm - English 7:30 pm - Spanish God Bless you!
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