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Israelites should back ASSAD! YES YES YES as the only way to stop ISIS and the IGNORANT ARAB HOARDS from Saudi Arabia!
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+Viana de León
Yeah, right. Like the rest of humanity should just watch while you punish your pedo dad for his sex crimes. But, wait.... You are not doing a thing. Time to step in and pound the scumbag. 
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Amid Yousef

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Did you have any fun this weekend? What did you do for FUN?
We went to Brecksville Home-Days festival and I took Advertiser v2 there Saturday but rain kept the crowds away!
Sunday the place was packed with people and the midway rides were going strong... did you see a FESTIVAL this weekend?
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Amid Yousef

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All the CREEPS TREASONOUS ones who sold their country and our homeland SYRIA down the drain, are forbidden from coming to USA (TERRORISTS). Here is the list in English and Arabic:
Ahmed and his family Orontes Jarba
Hussein al-Abdullah and his family
Dr. Abdul Hakim Bashar and his family
Mustafa Osso and his family
Mohammed Abdo and his family Caddo
Abdul Ilah Abdul appointed Fahd and his family
Nawaf Al-Ali Mustafa and his family
Rima Fleihan and her family
Suheir Atassi and her family
Omar and his family Idlebi
Dr. Muhammad and his family, soapy
: Dr. Sadiq Jalal al-Azm and his family
Mustafa Sabbagh and his family
Nabhan Harith and his family
Haitham al-Maleh and his family
Bassam Youssef and his family
Yahya and his family Gkab
Khaled Khoja and his family
Ziad al-Hassan and his family
Dr. Jawad Abu Hatab and his family
احمد العاصي الجربا وعائلته
حسين العبد الله وعائلته
د. عبد الحكيم بشار وعائلته
مصطفى أوسو وعائلته
محمد عبدو كدو وعائلته
عبد الإله عبد المعين فهد وعائلته
مصطفى نواف العلي وعائلته
ريما فليحان وعائلتها
سهير الأتاسي وعائلتها
عمر إدلبي وعائلته
د. محمد الصابوني وعائلته
: د. صادق جلال العظم وعائلته
مصطفى صباغ وعائلته
الحارث النبهان وعائلته
هيثم المالح وعائلته
بسام يوسف وعائلته
يحيى غقاب وعائلته
خالد خوجة وعائلته
زياد الحسن وعائلته
د. جواد أبو حطب وعائلته

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+Amid Yousef They will be seen as another modern day fascist machine that destroyed a people. 
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Amid Yousef

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CARS and LED Billboards are a beautiful combo. This week is the Birthday of AMERICA, yesterday I drove my RED VW VAN around with this message Wishing America HAPPY BIRTHDAY
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Amid Yousef

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I've been proposing Vertical farming for years for an abandoned hotel in our town
Using 95% less water and half the fertilizer of traditional farming, vertical farms are bringing a new way to grow local produce to cities.
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Amid Yousef

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Physics ROCKSTARS that changed the world in this 1927 photo in Brussels, Europe!  *Excuse the auto-translation*!
Scientists who Gero human civilization in a unique souvenir photo

This collective photo taken in October 1927 Solvay Conference in Physics in Brussels, with a large number of prominent scientists have changed the course of history and human condemns them today in this massive boom in science and contemporary lifestyle.

Let's now review the apparent scientists names in the picture, and begin the first of the left-grade world (Langmore Irving Langmuir Irving) and holds the number (1), a chemical the world of American born in 1881, won the Nobel in 1932 in surface chemistry prize, and He is credited with the invention of the lamp a tape Altngstuni filled with an inert gas, and is the first of atomic hydrogen used in welding, and his theory of atomic registered in his name in association with the world (Louis Lewis), and devised a way to portray the virus by a single layer of molecules, and his death was in 1957.

It comes after him in the first row of the left world (Max Planck Max Plank), and holds the number (2), a German scientist was born in 1858 back to him the largest in the founding of the quantum theory of credit, and is one of the months of the twentieth century scientists, and was his death in 1947.

It comes after the scientist Polish origin (Madame Curie Marie Sklodovska), and bearing the number (3), which was born in 1867, a scientist in physics, chemistry, acquired French citizenship after her marriage to the world (Pierre Curie), is one of the pioneers of the physics of radiation, and the first to obtain the Nobel Prize twice, once in Physics and Chemistry in time, and is the first woman to receive this award, and the first to get them in two different areas, and was her death in 1934.

Followed by the Dutch world (Hendrik Anton Lorentz Hendrek Antoon Lorentz), and holds the number (4), and was born in 1853, he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1902 with (Peter Zeman), and is the first to develop conversion equations relied upon Einstein in the description of the vacuum and time, and his many discoveries in the electromagnetic field, and his death was in 1928.

The fifth person in the sequence, and who sits in the foreground, and mediates all, it is the German physicist feat, and
Music creator, and sports bright, (Albert Einstein Albert Einstein), who was born in Germany in 1879, and is the father of the theory of relativity, in 1921 won the Nobel Prize in physics, and a lot of research in quantum mechanics, and equality of matter and energy, knew people over his intelligence, until the word (Einstein) is synonymous with genius, his death was in America in 1955.
And sitting to the left of the physical world (Pierre Angfn Pierre Langevin), and holds the number (6), was born in France in 1872, it was one of the finest scientists who have studied the sound waves, and He is credited with the invention of sonar devices. It was his death in France in 1946.
Followed by physicist Swiss (Charles Eugene Jay Charles Eugene Guye), and holds the number (7), born in 1866, Albert Einstein who Ttelmzu on his hand was, majoring in atomic physics, and he has had more than 200 research papers, shot to fame among the people after the laboratory proved that there is no coincidence in the creation of nature, and that God alone is the creator of the creative mastermind, was his death in 1942.
Comes after Scottish scientist (Charles Thomas Rees Wilson CTR Wilson) and holds the number (8), born in 1869, and won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1927 for his invention of the room cloud, and his death was in 1959.
But sitting at the edge of the image and with the number (9) is a physicist English master (Owen Janez Richardson Owen W. Richardson), born in 1879, and his death was in 1959, and won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1928 for his success in the formulation of the law of emission warming.
Then recognize those sitting in the second row, and start from the left sequence number (10), and is the world (Peter Debbie Peter Debye), born in the Netherlands in 1884, and the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1936, and his death was in the United States America in 1966.
Then comes after the great Danish world (Martin Knudsen Martin Knodson), and holds the number (11), born in 1871, and is credited in the formulation of the so-called number Knudsen, and is symbolized by the (Kn), and is a number not after me (wearing his dimensions ) is defined as a ratio of the average area free of molecules to the physical length of certain circles in the fluid, and his death was in 1949.
And sitting next to him Australian world (William Lawrence Prague W. Lawrence Bragg), and holds the number (12), and is born in 1890, and holds a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1915 jointly with (William Henry Prague), and his death was in 1971 .
Followed by the Dutch physicist (Hans Kramers Hans Kramers), and holds the number (13), and was born in 1894, and his death was in 1952.

And sitting next to him the world's young England (Pual Direc), and holds the number (14) completely behind Einstein, and is the youngest participants older, born in 1902, and the age (25) years old when he participated in the conference, won the Nobel Prize in 1933 in conjunction with the world (Erwin Schrödinger), to put new formulations of quantum theory, and his death he was in Florida in 1984.

Followed by the world of the American Physics (Arthur Compton Arthur Compton), and holds the number (15), and was born in 1892, he received the Nobel Prize in physics in 1927 for discovering the effect of Compton, and his death was in 1962.

Followed by the great French scientist (Prince Louis de Roy Louise de Broglie), and holds the number (16), born in 1892, and majored in physics and excelled in, and it was close to Einstein, he was awarded the 1929 Nobel Prize in Physics, and took the position of the French Academy of Sciences, secretary, contributed to the development of quantum theory, and invented the electron microscope, and his death was in 1987.
Followed by German scientist (Max Born Max Born), and holds the number (17), born in 1882, and won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1954 for quantum mechanics, was his death in 1970.
Then comes after Grimm Einstein and is the world's (Niels Bohr Niels Bohr), and holds the number (18), and is one of the advocates to accept the interpretation of the probabilistic nature of quantum theory, and his death was in 1962.
Those who are standing in the third row, understand from left: physicist Swiss (Auguste Baker Augeste Piccard), and holds the number (19), born in 1884, and is the first to discover the stratosphere in the atmosphere, and designed the first submarine to probe the depths in the seas and oceans, he died this big world in 1962, and left behind all useful to mankind of diverse inventions Kalmnatid and submarines, and the physical equations that inspired the way for future generations.
The world that holds the number (20) is a French chemist (Emile Henriot Emile Henriot), born in 1885, and is one of the disciples of Madame Curie, and He is credited with the development of the electron microscope, and his death was in 1961.
Then on his side of the Austrian world (Paul Ahrnevst Paul Ehrenfest), which holds the number (21), born in 1880, and died in 1933, but he and despite his young age, was of the most famous physicists of his time.
And the world is on his side Belgian (Edward Herzen Edouard Herzen), which holds the number (22), and was born in 1877, majoring in chemistry Alveziaoah, and is the grandson of Russian writer (Alexander Herzen), held the most prestigious scientific positions in 1921, and He died in 1933.
And standing next to him the world of Belgian Mathematics (Theophile de Dundour Theophile de Donder), and holds the number (23), born in 1872, was derived in 1923 some mathematical formulas of chemical reactions, and died in 1957.
And standing next to him the world of Austrian physicist (Erwin Schrödinger Erwin Shrodenger), and holds the number (24), born in 1887 and died in 1961, and is known for his contributions in quantum mechanics, and in particular equation (Schrödinger), which won for them the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1933, best known for the development of mathematical formulas to describe the behavior of electrons in the atom combination.
And stands by his side Belgian world (Julius Emile Virchafelt Jules Emile Vershafelt), and holds the number (25), born in 1870, and died in 1955, and was of the most famous physicists of his time.
Then comes after him Austrian world (Wolfgang Pauli Wolfgang Pauli), and holds the number (26), born in 1900 and died in 1958, but he was the most famous physicists, and won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1945, and contributed to an active contribution to the the development of quantum theory.
And stands by his side German scientist (Werner Hleznberg Werner Heisenberg), and holds the number (27), born in 1901, and died in 1976, won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1932, and discovered the most important principles of modern physics, and is the principle of uncertainty, or uncertainty, which announced in 1927. His interests and focused on the laboratory study of the behavior of gamma rays.
And stands by his side British scientist (Ralph Howard Fowler, Ralph Howard), and holds the number (28), born in 1889, and died in 1944, and was brilliant in physics and astronomy.

And it stands in the latter end of the third grade great French scientist (Leon Nicholas Preloan Leon Brillouin), who holds the number (29), born in 1889, and died in 1969, descended from the family of inherited knowledge generation physics after generation, and was of the most famous physicists in the middle of the last century. . 
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Amid Yousef

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Christians in the Middle East are in great danger. PLEASE help by visiting and getting involved. A cleveland Chapter was started tonight and I volunteered to visit & speak at other churches. PLEASE DO SOMETHING. Please SHARE
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+Amid Yousef
Truly !
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Amid Yousef

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Brecksville Home-Days what a beautiful FESTIVAL with very clean midway in Brecksville Ohio. My first visit, we'll come back! Did you go to a FESTIVAL this weekend? Get out, enjoy life!
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Amid Yousef

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If you live in USA, my wisdom is: Let's be thankful for truly living in an extra-ordinary country. My message from Wishing America HAPPY BIRTHDAY
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Please SHARE
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🗿✈️ hi
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Amazing Grace sung by The President of The United States of America Mr.+Barack Obama RESPECT
“May God continue to shed His grace on the United States of America." —President Obama after singing "Amazing Grace" to end his eulogy honoring Reverend Clementa Pinckney in Charleston, South Carolina:
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Likewise +Amid Yousef​.
Have a good weekend, man)

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In 2008 I traveled to China twice to learn Led Manufacturing with intent to build LED Signs and Billboards! I chronicle this trip with led photos and videos on ring me up if you have any questions...800-955-0505 rings my cellular phone!Anyway, we built a huge highway billboard that was an eye opening experience! People around the sign shot bullets at the sign for the frantic colors in their living rooms and bedrooms... Yiiiiiks...Then came the local zoning fun when we installed a couple of signs... You can imagine how far I get with my last-name at city hall... Haha not that anyone else gets treated any better!Those *city hall NIMRODS should held in contempt for DESTROYING AMERICA's small businesses*! Anyway, the sign business is not fun, so I designed Advertiser 1 (Weighed over a Ton and needed a Generator and PC Computer attached to it. This bulky arrangement now is welded at our office as a Sign and we keep nursing its faces by repairing and fixing it to see how many years will a sign face last? So far over 5 years have passed... So we know this stuff is going to last. Especially up north where we are located in Cleveland!Today 4-10-2015 I towed behind me the Advertiser V2.0. Tomorrow morning I am going to call on businesses and car dealers until rent it or sell it!I told my wife, I have a herd of butterflies in my stomach, as I have 0 excuses anymore! and join this conversation...
I am an Entrepreneur Manufacturer of ADVERTISER v2 
I was born and raised in SYRIA and migrated to USA at age 16.
I worked in a factory for 5 years and launched a polishing business to make extra bucks on the weekend. Eventually that grew to 12 retail locations in norther OHIO! was born out of my frustration that Yellow Pages advertising was not working anymore in 2008!
My final version released April 10th 2015 of ADVERTISER v2 
I made this for EVENTS and specially geared to CAR DEALERS
Call me at 800-955-0505 that rings my cellular 

I am an eternal optimist who believes in the goodness of everyone...
Bragging rights
I came to America at age 16 & started a business which grew to 12 retail locations and lasted 25 years. I love America!
Manufacturer of specialty LED trailers called *Advertiser v2*!Founder of *The Led Media Company*!
I can help your business communicate a local message effectively by saying:LooK what we have to say or sell LooK advertising is here!We can ship this product by trucks to all USA or even worldwide for the correct size orders!
    Manufacturer, 2015 - present
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