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Amged Osman
Social Media Expert, Digital Advertising Guru, Web Developer & #F1 fan
Social Media Expert, Digital Advertising Guru, Web Developer & #F1 fan

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With every meeting i have with either an advertising agency or direct clients, this question pops up “How do we win over our competition?”. It’s no secret that the competition is getting tougher by the minute, weather you’re a telecom company, car dealer or even a food blogger. To be honest, there is no one straight answer for this question, but, as a digital marketer, I’ve recently been trying to come up with ways and strategies to help brands (especially those who are late in the game) to find unusual ways to win over their competition in the advertising / audiences reach area.

Here’s a list of four strategies you can make use of

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6 Strategies on Twitter — Case Studies from The Middle East

Mobile dominates consumers’ lives Every day!

EVERY DAY; consumers unlock their phones 110 times on average to watch 1.5B loops on Vine, to Periscope 110 years of live broadcasting and create and consume 500M tweets!

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Get Best Results from Twitter Advertising — 12 Mistakes Most Brands do
Here are the mistakes most brands do with their Twitter Advertising Campaigns

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How to REALLY create Twitter Lead Generation Card (Guide with Screenshots)

The part that no one really ever explained to you - Setting up Data Responses - Sync Leads from Twitter Lead Generation Card with An Email Marketing Services

So many guides explaining how to create Twitter Lead Generation Cards, but no one really ever explained the best and most useful part about it ; How to Receive and sync leads from Twitter Lead Generation Card with Email Marketing Services
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الحلقة رقم 2 من برنامج #امجدtv على بيرسكوب- الجزء الثاني - @Amged

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الحلقة رقم 2 من برنامج #امجدtv على بيرسكوب- الجزء الأول - @Amged

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تكملة الحلقة الاولى لامجد تي في #امجدtv

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#امجدtv اولى حلاقات مبادرة امجدtv على بيريسكوب | نصائح السوشيال ميديا via @Amged

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9 reasons why I believe that spending on #TwitterAds is much more worth it

#FacebookAds vs. Twitter ads is an endless debate but I’ve decided to write my $0.02 about it.

So here it is,
Why Brands Should Spend more on Twitter

There is no creativity when it comes to utilizing the ad formats (unlike Twitter ad formats) here’s an example of twitter Website Cards & Collections
Reach block aren’t really takeovers (unlike Twitter’s Promoted Trends)
Is by all mean not for live In-the-moment events (except for “Facebook Live” streaming which is available only for verified artists, unlike Twitter’s Periscope that is available for everyone
3rd party tools available to manage Facebook accounts are very limited when compared to available tools for Twitter
Automation is simply awful when it comes to Facebook – again unlike Twitter which allow so many tools to help automate campaigns, followers management, audiences, direct response, customer support, DM, list management (categorizing) etc..
Twitter Wins Real-Time Marketing Smackdown; Agency Strategist Declares Facebook Organic Reach 100% Dead
Twitter Ads consistently deliver higher click-through rates
Though, Facebook has more users; Tweets have an average of 350,000 interactions like retweets per minute, while Facebook has an average of 382,000 thousand likes alone per minute – which proves the quality of Twitter followers are far more better than Facebook’s
Twitter allows better usage of Hashtags which are essential in any Social Media Strategy either in news hijacking or tracking.


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5 ways to use #Twitter Analytics "Top Tweet" feature #SocialMedia #Advertising
Top tweet is generated by twitter in the analytics tab. Here's 5 ways to use it to get more engagement on Twitter
5 ways to use Top Tweet feature

Here’s how i would use my top tweets

Reschedule it
Recreate it
Collect it
Pin it
Promote it

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