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I shot steps of one of my life painting class demos for you if you're interested.
This is a quick sketch of a costumed pose in watercolor with opaque white gouache.
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Americo Gobbo

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The 19th-century physicist Ludwig Boltzmann stirred up controversy by proposing that scientists could make intelligent guesses about the behavior of atoms, which, though they moved randomly, could be described by certain probabilistic generalizations.His suggestion to explain thermodynamics by using statistical methods went against the long-standing trend of assuming absolute fixed laws. These were profound and disturbing changes. The movie is about the engaging story of science and personal struggle of Ludwig Boltzmann, set against the intellectual climate of nineteenth-century Vienna, and shows how science has come to accept the reality of the invisible world.
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@OpenToonz build for #Ubuntu, #Debian, #Fedora and any other #Linux distro is available for download! #opensource #animation

Looking for an easy way to run latest OpenToonz on your Linux? It is here! We have made a special build of OpenToonz, that run on any 64bit Linux distro. The package is in AppIamge format – just download, make it executable and run! Your (optional)…
Looking for an easy way to run latest OpenToonz on your Linux? It is here! We have made a special build of OpenToonz, that run on any 64bit Linux distro. The package is in AppIamge format – just download, make it executable and run! Your (optional) donations via download page will be used to improve Linux …
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Gestures and liquid impressions on #GIMP.
The possibilities of change methods and techniques has direct relation with knowledge of basics of each tool.

Americo Gobbo

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Physics - Viewpoint: Uncovering a Quantum Phase Transition in Nuclei

'Thermal phase transitions surround us. Ice melts. Water boils. Triggered by thermal fluctuations, these transitions are typically characterized by a reorganization of matter at a critical temperature from one distinct phase to another. Less obvious in our everyday lives are phase transitions that occur in quantum systems at zero temperature. These quantum phase transitions exist in many condensed matter systems, in which tuning such variables as pressure, atom concentration, or magnetic field brings one quantum phase to a “critical point” with another. Instead of thermal fluctuations, these transitions are driven by the quantum fluctuations dictated by the uncertainty principle, and they often involve competing interactions (for example, repulsive versus attractive) between the phases.

Now, theorists simulating the interactions between protons and neutrons in a nucleus have found that certain light nuclei exist near a quantum phase transition. The transition is from a state with a uniform distribution of protons and neutrons (a Fermi liquid) to a state consisting of several alpha particles (two protons and two neutrons) [1]. The finding, from Dean Lee at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, and colleagues, might provide clues as to why clustering occurs in the ground states of some nuclei but only in the excited states of others—such as the excited Hoyle state of carbon that is thought to be essential to life.'
Simulations predict that the ground states of certain light nuclei lie near a quantum phase transition between a liquid-like phase and a phase involving clusters of alpha particles.
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Americo Gobbo

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The mind on the clouds ;-)
The part more difficult is stop with experimentation... and the part more easy is following the flow of experimentation... a great dilemma.
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+Michal G. Me too :-)

Americo Gobbo

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Molecular factories based on [1]. The animations from this collection are done by screencasting, then by simple modification of the video speed. Nothing else. This animation is an exception, a very simple one though. I used the nanomachine factory simulation [1] video in older to make this pool of molecular factories. At this resolution the image is too black so a sepia filter is applied.

For the project [2] of making an artificial cell movie/game, it is relevant to have an idea how the viewer bears with the visual complexity of having many molecules on screen.

[1] Nanomachine factory

[2] A trailer for a movie
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Limited palette with other experiments on GIMP.
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Isso. O problema foi essa mudança no G+.
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An Organic Process from Scraps to Polished Images with Angela Rio | Ape on the Moon
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Following some issues experimented in the previous experimentations :-) Tutto fa brodo!

Inking with experimental brush very easy to control with a paint dynamic using a graph in X to pressure and velocity. The colors are with more recent wet paint dynamics with noise brushes but with sharp stains.
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+Vasco Alexander Basqué Thanks! A great analysis!
I have in progress a project about Clouds... and a great part of these experimentation are in this direction... Is curious, I am in a continuous fight between lines and planes, between shaped colors and liquid colors...

Americo Gobbo

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Que quede claro: el idiota del pueblo no es alto...
Soyons clairs: l'idiot du village est pas grand ...
Let's be clear: the village's idiot is not tall..
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