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Americo Belarmino
Philippines-based Search Engine Optimization Strategist / Social Media Marketing Specialist
Philippines-based Search Engine Optimization Strategist / Social Media Marketing Specialist

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Definitive SEO & Content Marketing Strategies via #gdi #seo #contentmarketing

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Pinterest and Google Plus Working Together: 1 + 1 = 3!

Here are some time stamps for the recent video I did with +Peg Fitzpatrick and +Rebekah Radice, which was a real standout show!:

17:15 Content curation is one way Pinterest can help you with  Google+

18:12 80% of the pins on Pinterest are repins. 

19:50 Another tip that will help you stand out on both Pinterest and Google+ is branding your images.

24:01 Key to being able to make good, sharable images for your content without a huge time or resource investment is creating good, reusable templates.

25:42 Pinterest and Google+ use the same image format as each other, which other social networks do not.
31:55 It's crucial to "spread the love" and share your content across multiple social networks. 

28:56 Those pins also get featured higher in Pinterest's search. Pinterest search has improved greatly recently.

31:02 Pinterest search has become very good at displaying the most relevant content for users' searches. 

33:00 Because Pinterest is such a great platform for discovering new content, one useful tactic is to  browse Pinterest for something that would be interesting to your Google+ audience, and then share the pin of that content on Google+ with a longer form introduction to get a discussion going.

38:16 Pinterest can also be a great place to build your status as a thought-leader, by creating great boards around the main topics for which you want to be known. 

42:18 Including personal interest boards on your Pinterest actually helps people to relate to you as a human and to feel a better sense of connection.

50:15 9 quick start tips for getting on Pinterest:

51:50 Because of their consistently integrating Google+ and Pinterest, Peg and Rebekah have seen traffic to their sites skyrocket from both networks.

54:51 Integrating Google+ and Pinterest will only work well if you are very clear on your own social media marketing strategy.

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Google’s Knowledge Graph Is Showing Step By Step Instructions

Yet another reason for someone NOT to visit your site...

More examples of such bulleted instruction lists in +Barry Schwartz's post at +Search Engine Land


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Missing Author Photos doesn't mean the End of Author Rank

Back in the days when it was still called  BackRub, when the idea of Google still wasn't fully hatched, each search result showed a PageRank annotation. Not the Toolbar RageRank running from 1-10 of today, but the actual PageRank of a page in search results (would love to see that today)

Google is still using PageRank.

Google may be removing authorship pictures from search results, but that's not a sign that we might not see Google Launch Author Rank.

If I were Google, I would prefer not to show authorship markup in snippets with an Author Rank running.

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