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Debut of 'Wind and Wings' a big success in Naples. Posted on 17 April 2012. Naples proved to be the perfect venue for the debut of 'Wind and Wings', the new exhibition created and cura...
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I agree that while your coverage of the fleet races was good, the AC (and the Louis Vuitton Cup) is all about match racing. By not broadcasting the match races, you effectively gave those people who are novices about the AC (and possibly sailing in general) but are wanting to get into sailing, a false impression.

Think about it; come next year when the Louis Vuitton Cup and the AC are in full swing, people who don't know the basics and some of the nuances of match racing, will be totally lost. You have a great opportunity here to educate not only the novice public, but others who are looking to brush up their knowledge. By also broadcasting the match races, you are setting the stage for what's to come.

Awhile back, Russell Coutts sat down with Matthew Sheahan from Yachting World to discuss match racing in IACC yachts. If my memory serves, Russell provided great insight into what happens in the start box as well as the top mark in a windward-leeward course. Have him (or Spithill) do something similar with the AC72's and the new courses. Post it on your website. Have animated videos.

You might not agree with my suggestions above, but trust me, Joe and Jane Public would at least be made aware of some of the tactics.

Thank you in advance. Oh, and please say "Hi" to Jimmy and the boys from me. :-)
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