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Education and inspiration for the modern woodworker.
Education and inspiration for the modern woodworker.
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In this video I show how I install velcro backed sandpaper on my dual drum sander.

I know a lot of you don't have drum sanders, but this will be good information for new owners of drum sanders that have not had to replace the sandpaper yet.

For those that are looking at getting a drum sander, this will give you a good idea of what it is like to replace velcro backed sandpaper and might help you make a decision for yourself if this is a feature that you want or not.

I share a lot of gold nuggets on installation and things to look out for.

I hope you find this video helpful and informative.

Your friend in the shop,

Todd A. Clippinger
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If you are looking for woodturning videos, Brian Havens has the best technical information and explanation of the how's and why's of what tools and techniques to use.

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I ran into James Krenov at the Billings library today. 

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I have been building some display cases for antique gravity clocks and the question "What is a gravity clock?" has come up. So, I decided to shoot a quick video to explain gravity clocks.

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My buddy Brian Havens just released a new instructional video on wood turning.

I did a big remodel project for him a couple of years ago. It was a lot of fun hanging out in the shop with him.

He possesses a nice blend of both artistic eye and technical knowledge with the ability to share it in a comprehensive manner.

If you are interested in turning, this is one of the guys you need to subscribe to.

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My reclaimed lumber supplier is also a friend of mine.

He alerted me to this great looking Montana homestead cabin that he had acquired the rights to harvest for reclaimed material. Before he started deconstructing the cabin, I went out and did a photo shoot of it at sunrise.

It might seem like a shame that it is being torn down to sell the material, but the farmer was originally going to bulldoze it in and burn it. Now the material will see a second life.

You can see the logs have dowels driving down through them vertically to pin them together. There are 2 visible pins in the scarf joint under the doorway too.

The cabin is constructed of yellow pine harvested from the area.

I had a great time doing the photo shoot of the cabin, the images turned out amazing and I learned a lot about using my Canon 70D. This is important as it is the camera I purchased for shooting stills in the shop and for recording my woodworking videos on. 
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My local reclaimed materials dealer is also a friend of mine. He informed me of this really beautiful homestead cabin that a rancher was originally going to bulldoze and burn, but he was able to get the rights to reclaim it.

Before he harvests the building, I was able to go out and get some photos of it.

Notice in close shots of the logs, the builder drilled down through the logs and inserted dowels to hold them together.

The scarf joint under the door is also pinned together with 2 dowels. 
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My latest video explores how much a glued up panel with spring joints moves if you cut into the middle of it.

We did not really think it would move much, but doing a plunge cut, blade pinching was the big concern.

Hope you find the information helpful!

Your friend in the shop-

Todd Clippinger

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I designed and built 2 of these clock display cases for antique gravity clocks in December 2015.

Today the client pulled the trigger on building 2 more of these clock cases but they will be 2x as tall.

He had custom gears milled that will allow the clocks to fall for 7 days before needing returned to the top instead of every 3 days.

In the background you can see the floating shelves I designed and built summer 2015 for displaying a small part of his antique clock collection. To carry the weight load I had a welded steel frame fabricated and it is bolted to the wall in every stud. 
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New video by Brian Havens. He puts out some great information for those interested in wood turning.
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