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Americana Music Show
hand-picked, road-tested american music and interviews with your next favorite bands
hand-picked, road-tested american music and interviews with your next favorite bands


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Ep370 Hiss Golden Messenger
On this week’s episode I’m super excited to feature the new album from Hiss Golden Messenger. It’s called Hallelujah Anyhow and it’s got an awesome soulful vibe on it. I’ve also got the new album from Christian Lopez and some classic cajun music you’re gonna love. Plus I’ve got some awesome rock & roll from Heath Green & The Makeshifters and an extended jam from the Texas Gentlemen.

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Ep369 The Texas Gentlemen
The Americana Music Show features hand-picked, road-tested, American music to turn your drive into a road trip. On Americana Music Show #369, you will hear the debut album from the The Texas Gentlemen and it’s got that classic FAME Studio sound you like. You will also hear country rock from Eli Cook, Lukas Nelson, and Brandy Clark. You’ll hear deep woods blues from Ray Wylie Hubbard and twang from Wild Ponies and Old Salt Union. There’s also some Dylanesque roots rock from Jeff Mix. Visit to hear this week’s episode.

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Ep368 Billie Jo Spears

On Americana Music Show #368 we’re gonna cover a lot of ground. I’m featuring a slice of the 70’s with the new release of Billie Jo Spears classic country sounds. I’ve got a live version of an audience favorite from Brandy Clark. I’ve also got two extended tracks this week. A blistering wall of sound tune from the Hard Working Americans. And I’ve also got 8 minutes of Lukas Nelson pouring out his heart and soul.

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Ep367 Fairbanks & The Lonesome Light

I’ve got a beautiful downtempo album from Fairbanks & The Lonesome Light called Nothing To Escape and it’s got just a bit of an edge and a jam band vibe going for it. Also this week I’ve got new music from EmiSunshine, the Hard Working Americans, Johnny Dango, Rick Estrin, Legendary Shack Shakers, and Tyler Childers. I’ve also got an old old school blues track from Louis Armstrong.

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Ep366 Lukas Nelson & The Promise Of The Real

I’m excited to share with you the debut album from Lukas Nelson & The Promise Of The Real. I’ve also got the new albums from Eliot Bronson, Lilly Hiatt, Blank Range, Eli Cook and Jeremy Pinnell. Plus more from Ray Wylie Hubbard, Wild Ponies, and India Ramey.

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Ep365 Ray Wylie Hubbard

On Americana Music Show #365, I’ve got my grubby hands on the new Ray WYlie Hubbard album and if you are into old school, deep woods blues, you’re gonna love this one. Plus I’ve got new music from the Flatland Tourists, India Ramey, Jeremy Pinnell and more music from Tyler Childers, WIll Hoge, Two Tons Of Steel and Applewood Road.

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Ep364 Will Hofe

On Americana Music Show #364 I’m excited to share with you the new Will Hoge album called Anchor It’s gonna make a lot of end of year lists let me tell you that right off. Also on this episode I’m gonna play for you a couple of R&B tracks, one super modern from Black Joe Lewis and another that’s more of a throwback from the Isley Brothers. I’ve also got music queued up from Hiss Golden Messenger, Tyler Childers, Jade Jackson, and Kacy & Clayton.

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Ep363 - Tyler Childers

The Americana Music Show features hand-picked, road-tested, American music to turn your drive into a road trip. On Americana Music Show #363, you’ll hear the new album from Tyler Childers. This album has been getting more and more buzz and you can judge this country rock album for yourself. This week you will also hear the new album from Kacey & Clayton as well as new albums from Michael Rank, Chuck Berry, Moot Davis, Nicole Atkins, and Mike Younger.

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Ep362 Shelly Waters
On Americana Music Sow #362, I am featuring the self-titled album. She is really coming into her own and this is going to be her signature album I think. You’re gonna dig her strong bluesy voice. Also this week, I’m playing a track from that posthumous Chuck Berry release, some thrasher roots rock from the Chris Casello trio, plus more music from Steve Earle, Moot Davis, Amber Cross, Nicole Atkins, & Sherman Holmes.

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Ep361 - Sherman Holmes

Americana Music Show Episode 361 features Sherman Holmes’ first ever solo album. It’s got a great get up and move sound to it. There are also lots of new albums on the show this week including New Orleans boogie from King James & The Special Men. country rock from Amber Cross, rock & roll from Moot Davis, and roots rock from Nicole Atkins. You'll also hear more from Korby Lenker, Ben Bostick, Applewood Road, Lonesone River Band, and the farewell album from Glen Campbell.
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