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Happy Memorial Day! Lets take today to remember our heroes.

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Tampa – Why People From Everywhere are Moving There

Tampa, Florida is currently the number one city in the US seeing a major influx of new residents. This amazing city offers the perfect combination of a chill, laid-back beach vibe coupled with all the makings of a fast-paced, exciting city for those after the next big career move! Here’s a look at why the gorgeous coastal city of Tampa Bay is welcoming in the migrants, and why you may want to consider a move there.

There are a lot of jobs in Tampa, and the job creation is really strong. In fact, the city as a whole is really into staying innovative, and through unique partnerships with companies like Foursquare, they are aiming to offer one of the best lifestyle options for career-driving people. One of the most important factors when it comes to relocating for your career is making sure the environment suits you, so if the great scenery, endless entertainment and lifestyle activities, along with the excellent job market are your idea of a grand place to live, Tampa will surely feel like home.

Dream Home
While Tampa, (and all of Florida in general) is still slowly (but surely) recovering from the Great Recession, the housing market is extremely attractive. Due to the fact that there are less foreign buyers nowadays, and that the housing market is pretty loaded with available houses, prices are great so those looking to purchase have a lot going in their favor.

Food Culture
The food culture in Tampa is rockin’. Whether you fancy yourself a foodie, always aiming to challenge yourself to new tastes, or are just the type of person who loves super fresh seafood, Tampa may be the ideal city for you! Unique cafes, food trucks, gastropubs that zero-in on satisfying fare, farm-to-table offerings; Tampa’s got it all to keep your tastebuds happy!
Whether you’re local; as in living in the State of Florida, or are located elsewhere in the country and are considering a long distance move, Tampa is one of the best locations offering a wealth of options; both for business and pleasure. Between the gorgeous scenery, fabulous weather, and the fact that there is always something to do (shopping, nightlife, sports events, watersports, cultural stuff) Tampa offers a good level of quality of life. If you’re going to be moving there, or are considering a move there, we highly suggest you get connected with American Van Lines to make your move go as smoothly and as hang-up free as possible. We manage local, as well as long distance moves, so allow us to help you make that next chapter a smooth one!

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I saw this video this weekend thought i should share it. Very Motivating

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How To Move Across The Country

Ever wondered about the best ways on how to move across the country? Perhaps you’ve been offered another job in another state, or maybe you just about had it with the current weather situation in your state and even though you practically grew up in your neighborhood, your love hate relationship with your home finally met its match.

How To Move Across The CountryPlanning The Big Move
If you’re tired of the snow, I wouldn’t blame you, snow is not an easy thing to live with especially if you reside in the northernmost states of the country. Regardless of what your reasons may be, it’s important to properly plan a move across the country. Without properly planning your move across the country, you are risking many things, from losing your money to losing your valuables during the trip. It happens to almost everybody but there are ways you can avoid being in such circumstances.

What You Should Know Before Moving Across The Country
Before thinking about the logistics side of moving, have you already decided where you want to move? If you’re ready to move across the country, have you thought about what schools the kids will attend or what routes you will take to and from work. It’s always good to be sure exactly where you will be going especially if you will be moving across the country. If you’ve been there before, chances are you already familiar with the area but if not, it will be good to get oriented with the area before you make the big move.

Moving Across The Country
Logistically, you need figure out the best most efficient way for you to move across the country. We recommend you pay close attention to the logistical details of your move because it is usually the most troublesome if not done right. Finding the right movers is not easy, so be prepared to document all moving estimates with careful detail. Find the right moving company that speaks to all aspects of your move. After reviewing which one fits your budget, find out if the moving company can accommodate your move dates.

1 Month Before Your Move
You’re one month away from your moving date. Nervous? Don’t be. Determine what goes and what stays. Whatever you really don’t want should be put aside for the yard sale you will have this upcoming weekend. By now you will want to start making updates to any official documents like updating your driver’s license information and don’t forget to update to your new mailing address. Also, don’t forget to contact your local utilities provider to notify them of your change and if you will be moving locally, provide them with your new address so you can have water and light before you move in. Lastly, contact American Van Lines to get a free moving quote.

Happy moving!

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Home Inspection Red Flags

Home inspections are one of the last steps to get completed when purchasing a home, however they can be among the most stressful. Inspections are unavoidable; they have to be done, and generally, they will come back with at least one issue. While many problems are no big deal, and getting them fixed prior to purchase should not be a problem, other difficulties are really not a good idea to deal with, and may warn you of impending catastrophe if you decide to proceed with ownership. If any of the following items appears on the inspection of the home you’re looking at, be prepared to jump ship, if not, proceed extremely cautiously from that point on.

Aluminum Wiring: Used as a cheaper alternative to copper in the 1970’s, aluminum wiring presents a range of dangers, one of them being causing fire because it is known to expand and contract when exposed to heat. If a home is found to have aluminum wiring, it needs to be completely re-worked/ replaced with copper, and this expense costs thousands of dollars.

Foundation Issues: Dealing with foundation problems can be extremely costly, and can take an enormous amount of time to repair, making them one of the greatest deal-breakers for potential homeowners. If foundation issues are indicated, hire a licensed structural engineer for proper examination, to fully understand what lies ahead.

Upgrades Done Without Permits: Done without proper permits from the city and/ or county can result in errors that won’t be covered on the home insurance policy, so try to get as much information as possible regarding all repairs and improvements that have been done.

Plumbing with Polybutylene Pipes: These pipes were popular in the 1980’s as a low-cost alternative to copper pipes, but they degenerated quickly because they could not hold up against chlorinated water, resulting in catastrophic leaks and flooding. The problem is, is that many homes still have these pipes in use because an issue has not occurred yet. However, in these cases it’s not a matter of if, but when, and when it happens, the cost to replace all piping will run in the vicinity of over $10,000.

Underground Oil Tanks: These used to be a common (yet dangerous) source of energy for heating homes back in the day, and they were filled with propane. In some cases, these tanks still exist, and they can be a potential hazard waiting to happen. In the event of leaks, the cost to remove these tanks can run in upwards of $10,000, so be warned!

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Why Trusting Experts to do the Packing is the Best

When it comes to packing up your home when it’s time to move, do you get excited? Is it something you relish in doing? Can’t wait for the next time you have to go through every last minute detail in your home and bundle bubble wrap around every single glass, and put your entire lifetime’s worth of possessions into boxes to haul off to another location? Yeah, so does everyone.
Sarcasm aside, packing and staying on top of every room, and every item you own is a grueling task, and no one looks forward to it. It’s tedious, time-consuming, frustrating, and complicated. Along with everything else that needs to get done in order to move, packing is among the most annoying, yet essential. So, that’s where we come in. We are experts, and if you’d like, we can handle all of the packing for you. Seriously; why not leave the packing to your movers? Here’s a look at all the reasons we’ll have it under control easily.
Experience: It counts for a whole lot, and while you may be overwhelmed with the move, professional movers have the know-how and experience to get the whole house packed properly and efficiently.
Insurance: Of course, it all depends on the circumstances surrounding your individual move, however many moving insurance companies will not cover boxes you pack yourself for the sake of liabilities. There is also always the possibility of damaging your goods by unintentionally packing your items incorrectly, so here’s another great reason to let someone else handle it.
Security: Trusting experts to manage all of your items, including delicate and fragile pieces can be a lifesaver because it saves you the stress of making sure they are properly protected. While we cannot vouch for the services of others, at AVL, our movers are highly trained, highly experienced individuals who are able to pack all varieties of delicate items securely. Whether it’s expensive gaming equipment, fragile china or ceramics, keepsakes, large breakables, or anything else you have in your home of which you are unsure about risking the loss on, these things are much better in the hands of pros who know exactly how to pack them to secure against damage in a moving environment.
So, why take unnecessary risk and stress yourself over the most difficult task if you have a support team ready to go, and ready to handle the most difficult aspects of moving for you? Let the experts do the packing. Moving is hard; American Van Lines is here to help make it easy!

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Check Your Moving Budget

Let’s talk about moving budget. Moving is an expense, and oftentimes, it is a major expense that is so taxing it can be included as a deduction on your yearly expenses in some situations when filing taxes. When moving, there are going to be some major expenses, along with many smaller ones, which will inevitably add up, so it’s essential to plan ahead and figure out everything you may be up against. A moving budget is really important to stay on track, and to plan your expenses; the last thing you need in the throes of moving will be to deal with things that come out of nowhere when you should have planned for them in first place. Here is a look at some of the aspects of moving you may want to consider configuring into your budget, depending on your needs.
Additional Insurance: For your move, generally your mover will offer some type of insurance coverage. However, opt for extra coverage if you need to insure items of high value or just want to protect your possessions further.

Moving Supplies: Whether you pack up your home yourself, or higher your movers to take care of it for you, moving supplies may need to be figured into the budget’s equation.
Packing or Unpacking: Would you prefer to have your movers handle the work of packing and unpacking? This can be a major help when moving, however it will cost extra; plan accordingly.
Storage Facilities: If your move will or possibly will require temporary storage for your items, you should definitely configure the cost into your budget. Moves can present many unexpected ups and downs and challenges, so having storage arranged can be highly beneficial depending on your situation.
Childcare: If you have children, it is extremely important to plan ahead how they will be cared for during the course of the different steps of your move. For some families, children will simply stay with their parents during the move; other times, parents will find it necessary to arrange ahead of time for someone else to handle the childcare so that parents can focus fully on the move; every family is different.
Meals: You’re going to have to eat, right? Depending on the length and distance of your move, it may be weeks before you are in a kitchen of your own, back to your typical routine of food preparation and handling execution of your daily dietary needs. Plan for meals, because the expenses will rack up if you are eating out 3 meals per day for several weeks.

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