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Have a question for your favorite IDOL? Ryan will ask the IDOLS your question live on stage. Leave your question in the comments below and your question could be asked.
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I have a guestion to Caleb, Jessica, and Jena. Who is there Idol that
Influence them to there singing just to sing there hearts out?
Question for MK: What do you think is the toughest hurdle for gay/transgenders in today's society? By the way we think you are an awesome role model/singer/person!
To Caleb if you won American idol what would you do with the money and the opportunity?
Sam:How old were you when you got your tattoo?
Question for Majesty: How do you you get your hair into an afro?!
Caleb, What is your top 3 favorite rock artists
Rahz J
Majesty Rose: How would you describe your style of dress? I love it, by the way!
Caleb, do you like different kinds of rock. Like hard rock or metal. If you do what would be your favorite band in that powerful rock genre?
Alex:  What made you try out for American Idol this season and not before?
Alex: what artist inspired u the most...if u had to pick just one?
Malaya when did u start playing the tuba
I love Mk she stands up for people at hard times shes inspirational I hope shes win someday I will be Up there #americanidol   
Alex-Can you marry me or Can I have free tickets to your very first concert because ik you're going to win American Idol? :))
Alex. Are you single? Because your face, is like... WOW. By the way, your voice is amazing, and I hope you win Idol. :)
Jessica who is your favorite singer and or Band?
Malaya is it hard to sing with braces?
really hard if she did not have them she will have a beautiful voice
 I have a question for Caleb: Will you go on a date with me! :) 
Hey Caleb-have you ever sung any Eddie Money songs? Would love to hear it
Caleb....with the Wagner type power that you have please choose a Meat Loaf song to do, Bat out of Hell, Paradise by the dashboard lights, I wouldn't do that. You have the power, also, Ricky Minor and the band are good but they have proven that they can't keep up with you. If you are able to do a Meat song ask if you can at least get a piano player with the strength of Jim Steinman. I look forward to hearing you sing for a long time.
Dexter: What country artist influenced you the most when  you started your singing career? 
JUDGES:  I have noticed performances suffer if the singer is messing with fans hands, or walking behind you and doing stairs...they lose concentration (and breath).  The best performances tonight didn't do any of that.  Do you agree?
Fran C
Jessica, have you ever had your heart broken??? Of course you have. We've all cried over a broken heart. So...Sing your heart out about that!!! Share your pain and the emotion will come through. That's what Harry wants to feel. True emotion.
ALEX PRESTON--- I am getting married next March--Will you play at my wedding?!!!!! We would be honored to have you!
Fran C
To all the contestants: As a very wise man once told me...embrace your fear. Whatever your fear vulnerable. Let us fell what you feel.
Judges: Do you think the reason the contestants are not pushing themselves as hard as they did in shows of the past is because of how "nice" the judges are being to them? It seems that when real critiques are given they are shot down.
Caleb, with your killer hard rockin' voice, I think a good song for you to try and sing to showcase your talent would be Ozzy Osborne's "Mama I'm Comin Home". You have the voice that I believe could knock it out if the park......Good luck! 
Majesty please but all your all in what you are doing learn from your mistake and cast out the fear in you, you are awesome i really love u like my sister
I'd like to ask Caleb if he's ever sung any Guns N  Roses songs? I'd love to hear him perform, "Sweet Child of Mine"!! :-)
I agree with Debbie Joy. Would love to hear Caleb singing Guns n Roses "Sweet Child of mine."!!! :-) I also cast my vote for #IdolCaleb as winner of American Idol.
For Caleb: You have to do the song, "Jessie's Girl!"
For anyone: You guys should do the song, "Firework" by Katy Perry
for all idols if you went on the voice which coach would you pick Adam,Blake,Shakira or  usher
Jessica- If you won American Idol, would you still remember all of us back in "Small-Town Alabama" and continue to perform at venues where you made your start?

Much Love And Support- Drake
C.J.  Love your type of singing....would like to hear you sing Gravity by John Mayer.....Think you would be awesome.  I will be rooting for you all the way.
@Caleb= Have you heard of BLACK STON CHERRY or TADDY PORTER?  They would be perfect for you to sing on Idol - southern rock, lik Lynard Skynard - you have a great voice - you will go far :)
For Malaya: Do you speak any foreign language?
For Jessica what your all time fave band or song 
For Harry Connick Jr, Why Are You Constantly So Harsh On Jessica Every Week? Give Her A Break She's Amazing :)
IKR!! It's saddening!! I'm gonna keep trying though!
To majesty what do you have for advice for me because I am finally stepping out and doing the talent show at school April 11 and I very shy and nervous I practice and practice and still can not get the part right of the song XO by beyonce
To Malaya:

What is your fave band and what do you like to do in your free time except for singing with a wonderful amazing voice 
So can mk marry me please 😍😍😍❤❤🔥🔥❤❤
DEXTER: You have to sing "Believe" by Brook & Dun  You'd win the show with that song.  Very emotional song
Alex Preston: You remind me of Bob Dylan I love the way you sing and wish you would try singing one of his tunes.
Malaya:  You have to do a tuba song.  The Born Again Floozies "Street Music" comes to mind.  Would be an awsome group performance song with you on the Tuba marching through the crowd with everyone else singing the parts in the crowd as well.  Might have to tone down the lyrics some, but would be a great group Tuba Song.
Which one of you would like to sing with Amy Lee???!
Caleb.. We all love your voice and the power you have with it. Have you thought about singing   "When a man loves a woman" by Michael Bolton..You would blow it away.
Question for Caleb Johnson: Do you have a girlfriend?
Question for Sam: Can you please sing the song Best Song Ever by 1D? And my name is Asia btw
CALEB - please do Meatloaf!!!  Show your softer side by doing "2 outta 3" or "Anything for Love"   It would rock :)
Hi I have a list of singers and songs I think you would all be good at it would be a blast to hear you sing them -Gladys knight , licence to kill or double or nothing { elvis , its now or never or always on my mind}{janis joplyn get it while you can or bye bye baby or pearl}{Queen latifa cue the rain or mama gave birth to the soul children}Tom Jones , shes a lady or green green grass of home}Elton John croco dile rock or dont go breaking my heart}{Lena Horn stormy skys} Artie shaw star Dust}{Tommy roe ,Sweet pea} It would be great if you at least researched the different styles. God Bless and all the best.
Majesty: was your hair naturally curly
There is a song by Pink that I would love to see CJ sing. It is called Beam me up. I love Pink (Keith does too) and this would be unexpected for him to pick a Pink song. The lyrics are emotional with a beautiful quite melody. If CJ puts away his guitar and sings with all that emotion, I think he would move the crowd to tears. Come on are one of my favorites!
one thing I don't understand why  American idol pay million of dollars to three judges and then the public is the one who decided through call who is going to competing and who does not
American idol you need to change the way you select whos better singer not because this one is better looking
To Malaya: What is your favorite subject in school?
To Sam:
I've been registering for American Idol for three years and opting out because of my lack of confidence, how do you fight past that?
Jessica- Why don't you sing any Janis Joplin? She sounds exactly like you!
Hi my name is Jacob Drnoll and I would like to join American Idol with you guys and hope to be able to meet up with some of you very soon I'm going on my 19th birthday on may 24th this year.
Dexter : can you give me a shoutout? My name is Dustin Crenshaw
Dexter : can you give me a shoutout? My name is Dustin Crenshaw
Sam: how do you cope with self esteem on stage?
Dexter who is your favorite country band
Jessica i would love to hear you sing one of Amy Lee's songs . ( My Imortal) would be great!!! 
Caleb- loved Led Zeppelin even if not Whole Lotta Love, but what about U2's song Desire???
Caleb.........Meat Loaf...I wouldn't do that, stays within your power range and would make Harry happy.
Caleb...would love to hear you sing Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell.  You have the same stage presence he preformed with every time he was on stage. You are true rock -n-roll
Caleb, if you don't win American Idol (which I really hope you do) will you keep up with your music carer ? I would love to hear you sing Free bird on American Idol , I believe you can rock it !
cj would like you to do piercy sledge take time to know her calab yes you would do a meatloaf song good with jena and jena would do a good heart song her voice is like there voice
Jay S
Caleb, would you ever sing  styx's Come Sail Away and change it up a little on Idol?
Jay S
Dexter : Would you ever do An Alan Jackson Song on Idol?
Sam: what is the first thing you notice about a girl? 
Sam: Why do you choose Lego House (which I love that song) as your audition song?
Anna B
To all: What would you suggest to a young singer to do, who wants to develop their voice more, so that maybe when they are older they can audition for American Idol and make it.
How do i sing up for the next American Idol? -Sam
When doing the show do you ever find it hard to have time for yourself?, and when you do have free time how do you like to spend it?
For Sam - When you can, can you check your Google+? Your fans, us girls would like to hear your voice on your posts!! Please!!
Jessica, Would you please sing Black Velvet by Alannah Myles.  You would kill it.
How do you decide what song to sing each week when there are so many to choose form?
For Sam -- Please take a look at u-tube video of Ricky Nelson and James Burton doing "Summertime".  I think you will like it, and it might just work as a song for you.  Love your voice.
Hi Idol!I have a question and a request. The question is for Malaya. Does it take really long to straighten your because it's so curly? And for Sam-- You have so many fans... :) and we would love it if you posted stuff on Google+ and Facebook!  I love all of you!!
Alex please  sing should have bought you flowers by bruno mars but make it your own
This one is for Harry - My daughter is getting married and would like to dance with her grandfather.  Since my daughter lost her father when she was 9 yrs old, her grandfather has played an integral part in her life.  Can you suggest a proper song?  Thanks, Harry.  I'm enjoying watching this season of American Idol.  My daughter got me hooked in Season 2!  
Caleb have you ever listened to "When The Children Cry" by White Lion?  I think that would be a great ballad for you!
To jessia would you sing a song of Amy Lee 
alex please sing should have bought u flowers by bruno mars but make it your own 
love u Alex
The male judges should be ashamed of their manhood. I know Keith is from Down Under where a southern gentleman may not exist But Harry Is from the deep south...and in the south us gentleman know to pull out a chair for a lady...and we all KNOW Miss Jay Lo is a lady of the 1st class. So gentleman (this includes you Mr. Ryan fro me) it would do my southern heart good to see yall accomplish this just once!!! 
Jim P
I was wondering if Alex ever sang a Tiny Tim song?
Malaya how old were you when you started to play tuba.
To Producer of show:  why do the cameras keep showing Jlo more than
anyone else. Not fair! This is not her show. I guess that is why The Voice is so good - they appear to treat all the judges the same.
At Jena: If you were to be the next American Idol, if you had the opportunity to remake any song that was ever made, what would it e and why?
To Sam: I have had lots of trouble with my junior year, and as of right now have no date to prom on May 3rd. Would you go with me?! <3 
Sam, if you could sing and an animal noise came out, what would it be?
Jessica and Sam : If you could be one person who would you be and why!?!?!??!?
calab lets here a meatloaf song come out of that mouth of yours jena can sang it with you  come on
Jessica do you have a boyfriend and if not would you be my girlfriend
Caleb, since we've seen the rocker side why not flip the script and do 'Beth from the best rock band ever KISS...
beth houghland
Caleb, ever since you auditioned for AI, my husband & I have said that your incredible voice and stage presence reminds us of a young Marvin Lee Aday, better known as Meat Loaf.  Would you ever consider singing something from "Bat Out of Hell" on AI if given a chance?
Beth Houghland
Alex...With your mad guitar skills I would like to hear you sing and play your version of "Blackbird"
To all: What's your secret pleasure? And what's your secret pleasure in music?
Jessica if I could pull off your hair, I would do it!!! I love it!!!
Jennifer Lopez: you are such an amazingly beautiful person inside and out. I love your role in the movie "Enough" and the message it tells and your song Alive has gotten me through tough times and even with all your success you are humble and still find beauty in "new blood" artist like on idol. You are not numbed like I picture many celebrities. Thank you for being you!
Would love someone to sing two of my favorite songs. One: We live by Super chick and Alive by American Idols' Jennifer Lopez! Please please please!
Kathi S
I would love to see Caleb sing with Steven Tyler, or one of his songs ! Is this something he would consider doing?
I would like to hear Alex sing a Paul Simon song, perhaps Diamonds On The Soles of Her Shoes and/or even something by Buddy Holly.  Thank you.
Jessica have you ever been seriously abused by a male? Your song choice was not "biker chick" bad a** but comes from another place beyond fear into the world of killing zone. Lopez did a movie Enough, go to that place for that song.
Jena; have always liked your voice but was not impressed. This week you reached into my gut and twisted. How did you do that??
Caleb lives in the rock and roll zone. Does he want a ZZ Tops car and fashion models who play telecasters?  
Sam you need to get over that pretty girl fear; are you working on that?
How do feel about the best two singers getting booted off the show?that is awful!!!
Jena are you and Caleb a couple💏💑💏💏💑💏💑💏💑
Jena. Are you and Caleb a couple? 
Jena are you and Caleb a couple 
is it possible for the public to make song suggesstions? After we learn the singers what a concept to let the public make suggesstions as we learn their personal style. I would like to see CJ sing Al Green, Belle. He would kill it. Thanks!
To Jena:  The other night you said that you loved Demi Lovado. What do you like about her?
Sam: If you had a Contemporary Christian theme on idol, which song would you sing?
Would love to hear Caleb sing a song by Meatloaf
C. J. Have you ever wore a suit and tie and sing let's stay together. I would to see that Sandra 
can there be a country music night were everyone sings country 
Contestants, what do you do when your not rehearsing?
To jessica can you sing a Amy Lee song
I think Caleb and Jena would do an awesome duet of "Picture", by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow, In fact, I could see Kid and Sheryl calling  Caleb and Jena and telling them they should have sung it like that.
To Sam: How is it like celebrating your birthday away from home. 
To Sam: Can you please read my letter and follow me on my social media please and thank you. 
Facebook: Savannah Mckenzie Sikes-Hoff
id love to hear Caleb or Jena do the Josh Krajcik version of Wild Horses !!!
Jena id like u to also sing Stay by Sugarland u sing a lot like her !!
to sam: do you have a girl friend?
To Caleb, do you think doing a meatloaf song would be good for you?
To sam: what inspired you choose unwell by rob thomas at the beginning of the season?
To idol do you know the songs you sing by heart
Harry: I named my stuffed lamb after you lammy connick jr what do you think
To Jessica what is your favorite color and what is you favorite singer and song and songwriter
Sam: what would a girls chances be to have a day with Sam
To jlo you had goosys are those goose bumps
how old were you guys when you started singing?
Is JLO a closet rocker? When is she gonna sing us a rock song with Caleb?
Caleb:do you still sleep with your baby blankey
To sam: my jr prom is over but next year? Senior prom? Go with me? (:
Grumpy cat is so cuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-) :-)
To Caleb, if you were not in this competition, what would you be doing?
What's the first thing you will do when you win? I just love you !!
Caleb, what about doing some songs from garth brookes,or toy keith or even kid rock wiuld be nice.
Jena I love you hair and the song you sang was the BEST I lobe carry underwood to she is the best I love listening to county
You  are my favorite since the auditions when you came in singing and when I saw you the first time with the band, I knew right then and there, you are going to be the WINNER!!!!!!!!
I have a question for Caleb, how long does it take for you to rehearse a song that you don't know? 
Caleb, I would love to hear you sing a Gary Moore song. He was a master at his guitar and a Great blues player and singer.
D Gell
Not really a question, but I would LOVE to hear Jena sing Zombie by the Cranberries. She would SLAY that song!!!
to caleb:who is your favorit singer <3 :D :D
Caleb: if you had 1 week to not sing on American idol, what would you do??
I have a question to Ryan i understand Spencer Lloyd is in the audience will you tell him Misty lives him 💕
to jessica:can you be my friend plssssss your so cool im 8 years olb but its is it yes  or no
For Anyone: If you didn't become a singer, what would you do for your career?
To Sam: I saw you "connecting" on Idol the other night, but I'm just curious...  Have you found your "Delilah" yet? ;)
plssssss tell sam I said hi I like him <3<3<3
To Caleb: would you please sing the song Arms Wide Open by Creed or Anything for Love by Meat Loaf?
Caleb please sing "Two out of Three Ain't Bad" by MEATLOAF!!
to Caleb, -Would you ever sing a song by Meatloaf,  Sam-would you sing a song by Rick Nelson and Jena-would you sing a song by Cher?
Jena:what is your favorite porformense so far
Jena:what is your favorite porformense so far
Jena:what is your favorite porformense so far
To Caleb.  I whole heartedly agree with all those who think you should do a Meatloaf performance.  Personally, I think you, Jessica and Jena should do Paradise by a Dashboard Light by Meatloaf... I think it would be fantastic for the audience.
For Jena...why dont you sing.."What's going on" by Four Non Blondes ?
CJ What will be the type of records you are going to record I love listening to u sing I think u are unique and so so talented
to, Jess sense you got to AUM  are you an auburn fan?
for jena if you could do one big thing for your fans what would it be and why would you do it. you are the greatest.
Caleb & Jena, Have you considered doing a Meatloaf song together?
To Jessica: 
Is there a significant tie to the winged earrings you wear each week. They are beautiful
To Caleb: Who made you so talented?
Caleb what inspired u to sing rock

Lucas s
Jenna what is your favorite song and why.
To Jena:when you first started singing were there sometimes that you didn't want to sing anymore before you came to the American idol
Caleb. You HAVE to do a MEATLOAF BALLAD. BAT OUT OF HELL. OR. I WONT DO THAT!!! It would win you the competition man
To Jessica: I was just wandering if you like to dance? I personally think that would help you to connect with the song. Find your groove and everything else will follow I think :-) I love to dance but can not sing so I sing within! I think it has its own comfort :-) 
To Sam: Who is your favorite singer? Has anyone inspired you to sing? -Joy H. (Your biggest fan)
I was just thinking the same thing as Anita Wegner from the above post!  Does Caleb have any theatrical background?  He is so passionate during his performances he reminds me of Meatloaf from back in the late 70's.  Would LOVE to see him perform on the finale with Meatloaf!!!
To Caleb: Can you please sing "Rooster" by Alice in Chains? I  think you would really rock that song. 
To Sam: will you sing I'm on top of the world? You would be great at it!!
To Caleb: As an older rocker can I be one of your guitar players, man! Awesome performance tonight! 
Caleb- What song do you crank up the volume and sing at the top of your lungs to while driving?
To Sam, can you please sing all of me by john legend. That would make my week please.
Jessica when I was 16 my grandmother Ratliff lived in Slap Out and there were 1 gas station and 1 store called the boy store one red light and 1 billboard that said Welcome to Slap Out and other side said Hurry Back. I live in Texas now (Ret. Army) and its good to see someone from Slap Out do good. YOU GO GIRL.
Caleb, From A old rocker to A young rocker you remind me of A young singer called Meatloaf. ROCK ON.
Caleb you sound best doing the old classic hard rock and roll songs like led zeppelin and the rolling stones. Everyone knows and loves those songs. that's how you are going to win this doing songs that everyone can relate to.
Jessica you need to do stevie nicks and some good old fashion hard rock and roll songs if you want to win this competition
To jessica,have you ever did any other music competitions and if you did how far into the competition did you go?
To Jena, you sound like a young TeenaMarie, I would like to hear you sing ""Lover Girl" by Teena Marie, Ithink you would kill it
Hi Jessica I'm yours and sam woolf biggest fan were u shocked when he went out last week cause i was i was crying
To Jenna:
Do you feel it took away from your performance last night that Jennifer Lopez had to be bleeped out and you lost a few seconds of your beautiful performance because of her lack of class? Her need to steal your show was unacceptable!
Shel S
Caleb, my hat goes off to you for reviving the most amazing era of music ever! Jessica and Caleb you both have my full support! I was wondering if either of you two had any long term plans beyond this competition outside of music?
Caleb Johnson do u like Elvis becus u look alittle lke him  are u a fan  
To Alex:

What's your favorite food and artist? What's the funniest thing or  moment u did?
To Alex:

I love your music and I hope you win the Idol.
Alex you are such a fantastic musician. What is the title of your first CD and what image would u have on the cover? I love your performances just straight forward with beautiful music and meaningful lyrics. You and CJ my favorites....
jena in what ways has your life changed  since you've been on idol?
Jena do u think your life is better on American idol ?
Jena, how do you feel being in the Top 3? How has your experience been traveling so far and meeting so many new people? I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION! You have an amazing voice and I hope you win Idol. Who do you think is the funniest judge, sweetest judge, and most amazing judge? Who is your favorite artist? I am you NUMBER ONE FAN! I hope I can come and see you during the tour! :) LOVE YOU
       What is your favorite song that you have sung on American Idol?
Jana who do you want to win good lock
Jenna do you think that you can sing Some where the rainbow on American idol
Jena I just need to say that in all of Idol history I've never heard of anyone sing as GOOD as you do honey!! You are 17 and that is just crazy that you are that GOOD!! Go get um GIRL!!
Jena  you are great and I know you will be making different sounding music no matter what. A big thank-You to the judges because all you mentoring made a difference for this very hard working girl. She is beautiful and such a powerhouse , WOW!!! I can see people of all age groups wanting to buy your music and waiting to see you perform. I wish the very best to you....
+KAREN WILES JLo has class and is a judge on American Idol. You may not like her; however  she did not take from Jena's performance Jena is great and JLo is very happy for  all the contestants. If anything JLo was showing pride for Jena
Same question for both Jena and Caleb.  On this, the finale of American Idol 13, as you are getting ready to perform your last songs, what emotions are going through your head and how do you control them just before going on stage?
CALEB:  Please sing "OLD TIME ROCK and ROLL" (Bob Seger's)
please ask harry why he doesn't clap for any one
Ryan I hate you. Your content is so awful now. And I hope you get food poisoned or something. The judges and yourself have no talent As I can see. Ask Jennifer Lopez what the fuck she said about me when she did not give money to charity ??. -And make sure It is mainstream.. 

Prescript: If I had to choose between killing my self or meeting you in person I would choose to kill my self. Ryan you look like Charlie the unicorns millipede.
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