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The American Idol LIVE! Tour continues to gear up for the big 45 city road trip across the USA. Today we are rehearsing and getting fitted for wardrobes. We can't wait to see you on the road! Tell us what you want us to sing!
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totally gonna be there... maybe.
well I know Im going to try and register tomorrow  morning, I have no idea what the line is going to be like, Need to print out an updated copy of my talent resume!
american Idol this note is about why u did not let jessica sanchez win and now i am crying because im 10 yr old boy that loves her i want to literally marry her i wish i could meet her in real life and not on tv but not that awful dumb singer phillip phillip
Your passion is amazing for real, Im going to try and be there at the Alamodome to register before 9 am. Bringing one friend for emotional support.
i love jessica sanchez phillip phillip s-u-c-k
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