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American Eagle MMA & Kettlebells

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What did you do this cold morning? We were working hard! The class before was filled with people doing a Bodyweight workout. For more information, visit us or Text BestFitness to 26786 TODAY!

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Self Defense seminar on 11/5 with Master Phil Ross. Register today at or text SelfDefense to 26786.

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Run, Hide FIGHT! Great advice, but are you prepared to do survive an attack? Pick up a copy of SURVIVAL STRONG and increase your chances of survival. Don't be a victim! #masterphil #philross #survivalstrong #selfdefense #dontbeavictim #terroattack

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Here it is! Ferocious Fitness! Get your discounted Ebook today! #rkc #ferociousfitness #philross
We are proud to announce a new title from Dragon Door, initially in ebook format only: Ferocious Fitness, A Fighter’s Proven Action Plan to Develop Blazing Power, Animalistic Strength and Killer Conditioning By Phil Ross with Marty Gallagher
Launch discount: $5.00 off until November 4th
“Ferocious Fitness is a how-to-kick-ass manual for anyone who wants to take their training to the next level. Phil Ross speaks with an authority backed by over 30 years of experience in martial arts and fitness, tested in combat around the world. These pages reveal an authenticity and a science that will forever change your workout routine.”
—Frank Shamrock, 5 x UFC and Strike Force World Champion, King of Pancrase, WEC Light Heavyweight Champion
“When it comes to training, Phil Ross has ‘seen it all’. If there are pitfalls, Phil has seen them. If there are shortcuts, Phil has tried them. If there’s a new way of doing it, Phil’s looked into it. If there’s a Fountain of Youth, Phil has found it and drank his weight’s worth! And finally, he’s sharing his experiences and proven methods with the rest of us.
I only wish I could have had Ferocious Fitness in my travel bag over the last seven years. I’ve spent those last seven years traveling the world (for training and competition), and this book would have surely simplified and amplified my fitness efforts.”
—Brain Ebersole, UFC Fighter, Division 1 Wrestler, Coach
"The fitness industry has been peddling ‘pretend-fighting’ for decades. Cardio Kickboxing, Box-r-cise, Cage Conditioning, just so much nonsense. Ferocious Fitness cuts through that crap like a brain-scrambling left hook. This is a REAL book about REAL fight training written by a REAL fighter. There's nothing but the truth in these pages, the kind of truth that comes from someone who's lived the life. Co-writer and strength-expert emeritus Marty Gallagher no doubt helped shaped the tone and rhythm of the text, but it's Phil Ross's experience and methods that are front and center. If you want to feel like a fighter you have to train like a fighter and if you want to train like a fighter, you need this book!"—Mike Gillette, author of Rings of Power
“Ferocious Fitness will be considered without question the definitive Bible of functional strength for the next generation of fighters. If you are a martial artist or combat athlete looking for an edge, you've got to have this book: but I'd also argue that if you're interested in improving your strength and conditioning period, you need this volume for your personal library.”
—Paul “Coach” Wade, author of the Convict Conditioning series.
Highlights of What You’ll Get with Ferocious Fitness…
What it really takes to be a dominant fighter—the 9 gotta-have success components that make or break you in the ring or on the street…
How to develop explosive power—and deliver jaw-shattering knockouts at will…
How to develop Herculean strength—and toss your opponents around like rag dolls…
How to develop “fighter cardio”—to keep firing at maximum intensity and maximum speed, while your opponent is gasping for air…
Why all you need for ferocious fitness are 3 tools: your rope, your kettlebell and your own body…
You ARE gonna get hurt!—how to stack on the armor to minimize future injury and spring back from even catastrophic damage…
Why all fighters need to train for THIS particular kind of strength and power…
Why the kettlebell lends itself so perfectly to sport and combat fighting…
The correct exercise circuits, groupings and strategies to ensure maximum strength, power and conditioning—so you can blow holes through anyone who dares challenge you…
The 7 must-do kettlebell drills that will transform you from man to monster—when done the Ferocious Fitness way…
The 6 critical bodyweight exercises you must master—for all-round resiliency and superb fighter-functional fitness…
Don’t listen to THIS dangerous nutrition nonsense preached to fighters—what you should and absolutely should not do with your diet…
Why cutting weight before a fight is almost always a disaster waiting to happen…
The great Cosmo’s secret 6-point formula for a fighter’s perfect eating strategy—when winning is all that matters…
KO power punching protocols—Mike Tyson type power and how to get it…
The 6 types of training essential for complete fighter-attribute development…
The little-understood yet hugely important way to enhance your fighting—using correct “planes of motion” science…
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Pre-Camp training routines…
The complete—and ultimate—set of Fight Camp training routines to ensure you hit the ring as an unstoppable force every single time…
Ferocious Fitness
Ferocious Fitness

The Kettlebell Workout Library, by Master RKC Phil Ross, is the only Video training series of its kind! 20 Hours of Kettlebell and Bodyweight based training in the S.W.A.T. Strength Weight and Athletic Training System. All facets of your training are addressed, Strength, Explosive Power, Cardiovascular Conditioning, Flexibility, Durability and Mobility. By changing the duration, intensity or volume, the 104 workouts are quadrupled!
The video is available in both DVD format and online training. The online version is available for a 7 Day FREE TRIAL! Go to to select your method.
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Why is Self Defense Important for Children?
We all watch the news and see what’s happening in the world on the internet. Things are NOT getting better. There are so many dangers for young children, teen agers and young adults. Many can be avoided, and those that can’t – can be dealt with.
By enrolling your child in a good martial arts program, many situations can be avoided. Your child will develop good focus, self esteem, body awareness and confidence. These attributes foster higher success rates for children academically, socially and athletically.
Children who train in martial arts tend to develop better spatial and environmental awareness. Additionally, they develop the muscle memory to execute defensive techniques when called upon.
In our school, we teach our children how to handle bullies and resolve conflicts as well as the skills of Stranger Awareness. These are life skills that they will carry with them into adulthood.”
The previous passage is from my book SURVIVAL STRONG, this book should be in everyone’s home to use time and time again as a preparatory guide for survival and strength. I’m going to be quite frank with you and if you’re looking for some “candy coated” PC statements, don’t read this article. If you want to know the truth, read on.

For the complete article:

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Special 2-Day Sale: Get 20% off all of Dragon Door’s RKC Kettlebells

The ultimate tool for independently-minded individuals looking to take charge of their own health and strength is the kettlebell. This “gym in the palm of your hand” gives you more health, strength and conditioning benefits than you’ll get from a whole facility full of equipment.
Dragon Door changed the course of modern fitness when it launched the modern kettlebell movement in 2001—liberating countless souls from the “curse of the machine”.
Dragon Door’s premium RKC, military-grade kettlebells still lead the charge for a high-impact, high-yield device that has just one purpose in mind: to free you from any hint of weakness—and allow you to move with dynamic power and long-lasting strength.

Insert Code # KBSALE20 at check out in your shopping cart and you’ll get your 20% discount on the gold standard in kettlebells, right away!
Note: Offer expires at 11:59pm Central, Friday October 14th.

Use this link:

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Protect yourself, your family and your home. Purchase SURVIVAL STRONG TODAY!

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