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With Snaps, the Linux desktop will become one huge platform similar to macOS and Windows. App developers will have to write their app once and it will run on every Linux distribution.

That’s not all. Snaps also brings much-needed security to the Linux desktop as Snaps are sandboxed and containerized and don’t have system-wide access. Another advantage of Snaps is easier and quicker distribution of apps. Since developers don’t have to worry about system libraries, as soon as new versions of their apps are ready they can push them through repositories and users can install them instantly.

As someone who has been covering Snaps since the Click days, and someone who cringes every time he can’t install the latest software on his Linux box, I am very excited about cross-distribution support for Snaps.

I hope the Linux community will come together and move away from .deb and .rpm and adopt Snaps as the default package format for their apps.

Let me know what you think about it.

+Mark Shuttleworth +Alan Pope +Michael Hall

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This morning at #DroidconNYC , +Nick Butcher, +Chris Banes and I delivered a talk titled What's New in Android UI Engineering, covering Android 6.0 Marshmallow, new support libraries, upcoming tooling updates, and more! Check out the slides + videos in this slideshow.

#AndroidDesign #AndroidDev

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Only people who play with terminal will understand ;)

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Announcing the Material Design Awards and Showcase

Today, we’re celebrating the amazing work Google Play developers have been doing with #materialdesign and announcing the Material Design Showcase and Material Design Awards.

With the new Material Design Showcase, we’re highlighting 18 great uses of material design with users through a collection on Google Play:

See the 18 showcase apps at

Of those 18 apps, we’re recognizing 6 with a special award, which we handed out at Google I/O earlier today. Our new sizzle reel below sums up the spectacular work from the individuals and teams behind these apps.

More at the Android Developers Blog:

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