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Welcome to Ambrosoli International School.

I hope that you manage to find all that you are looking for on our website. We regularly update the pages in order to ensure that you manage to get a realistic picture of school life. If you are unable to find any information that you require, please feel free to make contact.
Open communication is very important and is something we try very hard to keep at a high level. Ambrosoli is an international primary school in Kampala with a strong community feel. Every child and family is well known to all staff so that we can provide a suitable and individualized learning journey specific to the child's needs. One of the top priorities of our school is to ensure that children feel safe, secure, happy and excited about their learning; when this is in place, children are most likely to be successful in reaching their personal targets. We allow access to a broad curriculum, enriched by after school clubs and activities.
This is in order to allow experience/success in, a host of curriculum areas. Social and emotional well being is also a very important part of this programme. The role of parents is paramount in this and we actively encourage parental support, advice and involvement.
In all primary classes we use the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) to support the teaching of thematic units. These themes are relevant, creative, exciting, learning centered and internationally minded. It is a curriculum that is well matched to our children, staff and setting. Numeracy and Literacy is largely taught outside the thematic units following the curriculum of England and Wales. Waiting lists for Seedlings, Reception and Year 1 continue to be long however we do have a few places available in Year 3, Year 5 and in the Crane’s Nest – a class for children with learning challenges for the current school year.
All enquiries should be made regardless so that school visits can be organized and up to date information shared. The admin offices are open daily for all your queries and school uniform. If you have not visited us before, I hope that we’ll meet in the near future. A warm, caring, happy and successful school is ready to welcome you.
Amanda Dickson
Head of School
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