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Ambrose Little
Ambrose is just this guy, ya know?
Ambrose is just this guy, ya know?

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Here you go, +Lisa, ofs. Christiane ended up making. Very yummy!


For the corruptible body burdens the soul and the earthly tent weighs down the mind with its many concerns. (Wisdom 9:15)

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Kind of a no-brainer, if you've ever used wikipedia: 

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Thank you.

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Good grief. It is like every other day that Congress is sticking its head up its arse trying to create backwards laws about the internet. Tell them no, again.

Your love must be sincere. Detest what is evil, cling to what is good. Love one another with the affection of brothers. Anticipate each other in showing respect. Do not grow slack but be fervent in spirit; he whom you serve is the Lord. Rejoice in hope, be patient under trial, persevere in prayer.

- St. Paul

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Another great example of how our government is getting way too big for its britches.

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My colleague took me up in his plane this morning. We flew by our work building and up to NYC Hudson corridor. Fun! 
NYC Flyby
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'Planned Parenthood says it’s been hacked by “extremists,” but a review of the publicly available evidence suggests that the only things being hacked at Planned Parenthood right now are perfectly healthy and viable unborn babies.'


After the release of the fourth video investigating the trafficking of fetal organs, Planned Parenthood pulled what seems to be a fake hacking stunt on their own website. #PP #WomenBetrayed #PlannedParenthood
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