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Join the Pony Express to deliver 100 letters! #GoogleDoodle

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This is pretty darn adorable.

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If you haven't read SE's etiquette blog, you're missing out. 

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Great tips for grandparents who want to travel with their grandkids! Another good tip - look up those AARP discounts ahead of time to save on meals and activities.

Grandparent's Day is this Sunday! Get a card in the mail and give them a call! :) 

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Taking your grandkids on a road trip can be an amazing way to spend time together. Our #infographic provides trip ideas and travel tips for traveling with your grandkids!

See the larger version on our #Pinterest  board:

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Oddly fascinating, even if I have no intent to live in New York.

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...Enter community architecture, a process designed to connect architecture students with the people and communities around them — and bring good design to problems, people, and places that wouldn’t be able to afford the high-priced field without it.

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And I was worried about my office wanting $10 to participate:

"It's estimated that the average American fantasy player drops around $500 on league fees each year. And those are just the little guys: Some leagues, like the National Fantasy Football Championship, have stakes as high as $100,000 for a single season"

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Well, I guess I need to actually have a Labor Day feast now. 

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"Brothers joked about sending their future sons off to the Ivy League school, but would never permit their daughters to attend — an apparently popular sentiment across campus"

Here's to hoping the new investigations into mishandled Title IX cases actually makes some changes in the antiquated Greek system. 

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Happy Valentine's Day from #GoogleDoodle and #ThisAmericanLife
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