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clumsy theological storyteller
clumsy theological storyteller


I want to use Google+

I really do.

The UI overwhelms me.

How can I make the UI of Google+ quieter so I'm not discouraged after two minutes of trying to catch up and browse?

I don't get to go out and do anomalies any longer. I feel like a loser. I want to be involved in the story.

These are today's thoughts.

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Simon & Schuster have a new imprint for Speculative Fiction, and are taking unsolicited submissions. So all you un-agented writers, get to it!

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I very much want to see this movie.

December 13th is the end of my term and when I'll finally be social again. In other news, I am tired of school.

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Added photos to Dragon Con.
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What are you doing tonight? #Dragoncon #ingress +Paul Gettle +Brian Rose

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How is teaching someone a trade ever misguided?

Any suggestions on an koine greek font? Mine has disappeared. #greek   #language   #school   #gradschool  
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