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Going to watch! #MakeJamesDo  
Read my hangout message from my trip to New York in a campaign to get you to let me photograph you!

Thank you so much for the book signing!
a little blog before I went to the book signing! Posting about the trip here soon! Read my blog kiddo! Thanks for being pretty darn awesome! You are an incredible man and my James Franco shenanigans will continue until you agree to do a photoshoot with me!!!! 
Make me do anything you want!

On Saturday, November 15th, I submit to your commands.
At 1 pm EST, hop on your web cam and join my Google+ and Paper magazine #MakeJamesDo Hangout where I'll be at your service. Whatever you tell me to do, I'll do it. (That is, if it's not X-rated. So get your mind out of the gutter!)

Just keep in mind this is not a Q&A session: #MakeJamesDo is all about making the actor act. Want me to dump a bottle of water over my head? Done. To do sit ups? Sure. To play with a kitten? Purrrr.  Get creative with your commands.

Stay tuned for a list of props to inspire you!

RSVP to this event and fill out this form ( to have the chance to join the Hangout, share the screen with me, and make a command.

See you on the 15th! We're gonna Break the Internet!

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Be yourself...

Photograph Copyright Amber Fite Photograph 

Still trying to figure out how to work this thing! 

anyone know if you can connect twitter, FB, Instagram to google+?

Help! How do I work this thing! 

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Trying out google plus! All I need is one more social networking site to manage. ;)
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