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Health and fitness for the busy person, finally made easy!
Health and fitness for the busy person, finally made easy!
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You can definitely use sunlight wisely to improve your sleep & energy a ton! With how tired & sleep deprived we all are, this could be huge! :P

Even when I'm ultra tired during the day, going outside always gives me a boost & helps me sleep better at night when the sun sets.

Try this for 7 days...

Get a bit more sunlight during the day, by doing something easy like taking a walk outside after work (schedule it into your calendar so you don't forget), then keep less lights on indoors after sunset, and see how you feel!

Extra walking, more sun & energy, better sleep, only 7 days, & nothing to lose! Have fun & let me know how it goes :)

#sunlight #sleep

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Good morning! Quick question for ya: What can you do today to make sure you end it saying "today was a great day"?

For me, it was waking up at 4am to get a jumpstart on work AND sneaking in a quick home workout to the sun rising. Calm, productive morning with my workout already out of the way, giving me a morning boost to power me through the day feeling great!

So, what is it for you? Post it in the comments so I can cheer you on & whatever it is, do it! Have an awesome day!!! :)

#TuesdayMotivation #GoodMorning

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Have a great weekend everyone! Hope your goals & resolutions are going strong 2 weeks into the year if you made any.

Stay committed & work hard, but don't forget that if you pushed hard this week, you've earned a cheat meal or rest day if you need it!

Have a happy Friday & enjoy the video! :)

#HappyFriday #2WeeksDown

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Hey hey hey, hope everyone's having an awesome start to 2017 so far! (Sam #2 definitely is, not to call him out haha, but more on that later...)
What if I could ask you 5 questions that would predict whether or not you'll be successful at accomplishing your NY's resolutions this year? :O
You be the judge (and let me know which Sam you are):
P.S. I also included tips to help you crush your goals in 2017, so have fun with it & good luck, I'm rooting for you! :)
#NewYearsResolutions #Goals #2017

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HELLO & Happy New Year friends! I hope you had an awesome end of 2016 and a strong 2017 planned!

+1 this if you're ready for an amazing year ahead!

And what are you going to do to make 2017 the best it can be? Get in shape, eat better, sleep more (my favorite haha), work harder, spend more time with family???

Whatever you've chosen, remember to break it down and start small. Build up some momentum now, then watch as you keep building towards your goals every single day!

And if you need help making a winning plan, sticking to it to get results, or have no idea how to accomplish your health & fitness goals, send me a message right now & let's get you on your way ASAP!

(By the way, that photo is awesome, isn't it? It's me saying hi!)

#HappyNewYear #NewYearsResolution #GetIt

+1 this if you want the best health, most happiness, and a successful life for yourself (duh, right? haha).

Now, ask yourself 1 simple question: what is 1 thing you could be doing every day to push yourself forward, that you aren’t doing?

We’re all human and change is hard, but it all starts with a single, tiny step forward today.

Imagine where you can be in 30 days, or 90 days, if you just start today…

#ConsistencyIsKey #StepsToSuccess #StartToday

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You want to be great, right?

So, in honor of Muhammad Ali, aka “The Greatest”, I wrote a short article about what we can learn from his life along with some of my favorite quotes and life lessons.…/

For starters, did you know that he was “instrumental in providing over 232 million meals to the world’s hungry (and even hand-delivering food and medical supplies to children)”?

He was more than just the (phenomenal) athlete most people know him as and there’s definitely a lot to learn from his life.

If you want to be great in any area of your life, take a minute to read it and see what you can take away:…/

RIP Muhammad Ali: “Don’t count the days; make the days count.”
‪#‎MuhammadAli‬ ‪#‎TheGreatest‬ ‪#‎GOAT‬

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Hooray, summer is coming! The season filled with sunshine, warmth, and fun ( birthday's in June also, so obviously it's my favorite haha)!

To make sure you're ready for a fun and relaxing summer full of health and happiness, here are some active ideas for you:
- Evening walks in the park watching the sunset
- Afternoon swims to cool off from the heat
- Hikes to see nature in full swing
- Bike rides to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight on your face
- Beach days with friends & ultimate frisbee, volleyball, football, or whatever floats your boat!

Hopefully that plants some ideas in your mind to make sure you have tons of relaxation and fun planned for this summer!

And remember, it's all about health AND happiness, so take some time this summer for yourself, to relax, rejuvenate, and reward yourself for all the hard work you put in year round!

You deserve it and a rejuvenated you at the end of summer will be waiting for you with a smile come Fall (when things will probably get crazy again haha)!

And, if you plan ahead, you can even do fun and active things often enough to get an added health boost also ;) (Anyone up for 10+ mile hiking trips every Saturday with swims to recover on Sunday? wink wink two of my favorite things)

So, what are you planning for this summer???

#Summer2016 #Relaxation #BeachSeason

Like this if you're ready for an awesome summer!

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Happy Mother's Day! Hope everyone had a good time celebrating and showing her your love!
I randomly ran into this interesting article about sleep (and camping) and wanted to share it with everyone.
Enjoy the article (and the funny video in the intro)!
Then think about what you can do to improve your sleep..? Hmm...
#BetterSleep #Sunlight #SleepWellTonight

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Work on your weakness Wednesday: eating a variety of vegetables (come on, most of us are guilty of this one)!

Up until a few weeks ago, my main source of vegetables (only source, actually) were 5 pound bags of frozen mixed vegetables, microwave steamed, with some lemon juice drizzled on top (if I felt like eating somewhat less bland vegetables haha). I would literally eat a big bowl of that stuff with every meal. Blah...

I'm sure that's so boring that most of you would have moved on to bigger and better vegetables, but it took me years to finally decide to start experimenting with fresh vegetables and more variety (I can get away with eating pretty tasteless foods for wayyy too long).

So, I admitted my weakness of never buying actual fresh vegetables and experimenting, and I've been really focused on cooking more (not just microwave steaming) and actually eating enough vegetables lately and it's mind blowing!

I attached a picture below of a huge Spring Mix salad with olive oil, baby tomatoes, dried pumpkin seeds & cranberries, olives, and a ton more that's made with all fresh ingredients and barely took any time to just throw together.

It was HUGE (made in a family sized salad bowl because that's how I roll), super filling, and ultra tasty!

So, do you have a weakness you've been hiding from also? Who knows, maybe working on your weakness could transform the game like it's doing for me ;)

#WorkOnYourWeaknessWednesday #SaladSelfie #Veggies

+1 and share the veggie-spiration with "that 1 friend" who eats plain foods all I used to haha
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