New XM based camera in testing by the +Niantic Project???

With the latest activity by +Klue S. in the portal network, as shown by the latest #FindTheKlue dead drop as shown at

I used my usual methods to reveal the exif data of that photo as follows and I have set the interesting text to bold to make it easier to see...
ImageDescription The image location may be a red herring.
Make Niantic Labs
Model Experimental
Orientation Unknown (0)
XResolution 72
YResolution 72
ResolutionUnit inches
Software N/A
ModifyDate 2007:05:28 13:31:00
Artist A sensitive
ExifVersion 0230
DateTimeOriginal 2007:05:28 13:31:00
CreateDate 2007:05:28 13:31:00
ColorSpace sRGB
GPSLatitudeRef North
GPSLatitude 40.415275
GPSLongitudeRef West
GPSLongitude 3.694171
GPSTimeStamp 17:31:00
GPSDateStamp 2007:05:28

I have a few questions, are these cameras capturing XM as well as an image? Are they using XM to generate the image? Does the user have to be a sensitive?
I think that since +Klue S. is a powerful sensitive, she's the one generating the images from within the portal network

EDIT: As +Mario Valenzuela II pointed out, Could this be the first appearance of the 2.0 Scanner?

What do you think agents?

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