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So, J&L seem to have lost interests on screen despite having almost free access to them.
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just as my friend God bless you! 
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cuteness alert!
Elena Shumilova, the talented Russian photographer who first went viral on Bored Panda, has been busy creating more enchantingly beautiful images of children and animals enjoying rural life. Her photos are brimming with the idyllic joy of village life, and their cozy and timeless nature is made even more heartwarming by her models – her two children and an army of beautiful farm animals.
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Happy birthday dear friend
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Soo true!... so us.
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An every night story.
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I am shocked and saddened by what happened in Paris a few days ago... but that does not erase my indignation of what is happening in Mexico.

I find it normal that the world is mourning the way free speech has been violated by an extremist religious speech. What I don't find normal is that the world is not asking accountability to a government that keeps ignoring its own people.

That what is done in the name of a religion to hurt free speech is as bad as as that what is done in the name of money and power to a country.

If what happened in Paris hurt you personally and you are now Charlie, then maybe what happened it Mexico should also touch you personally and you should also be Ayotzinapa.
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Certains étaient étudiants en histoire & sciences politiques ...
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How J&L have began reducing screen time
Lately J&L have been reducing their screen time drastically... And as hard as it might be to believe, it has come from them and with no intention of it from my part. I don't know if it will stick long term, but so long it has lasted for 3 weeks. It all bega...
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Could you please print and post if you live in the UK?
If you don't live in the UK, could you please share and ask for it to be printed and posted by your friends or friends of your friends?
In advance thanks!
A concerned Mexican living abroad
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Happy birthday +Ambar L
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+Ambar L​ HI Lady. I did not get this untill I saw it enlarged. Hilarious!
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All I want for Christmas is....
Even though Christmas is around the corner I am having a hard time getting into the spirit of it... bought a Christmas tree  and new ornaments today  and we will put them up tomorrow. I know that by the 24th I will be feeling more into Christmas, but even s...
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Fun Saint Nic's Sunday in Brussels
Long time not blogged, but I was beginning to write a way too long post for facebook, and  well I don't want to force people who don't care at all about what I do all day with my two little monsters to be bored to sleep. Talking about sleep, I need some now...
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*What's happening in Mexico, Why we say #yamencanse *

Dear friends,

I don't often ask you to share posts, but I would take it as a personal favor if you could please share this one and ask your friends to do the same.

This video was made by a group of Mexican artists to inform the international community of what is happening in our country.
The Mexican government seems not to care about the people of Mexico, but maybe they will begin listening if the International community also asks for Justice for Mexico.
Could you please share?

In advance thanks!!!!
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