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Amazing Leak Detection

Let’s not forget that like almost all things Water Heaters and boilers need regular maintenance just like most thingsdepend on yet sometimes take for granted. Draining the water heater to flush out potential built up calcium can extend the life of your water heater for years, and it’s extremely easy to do. We recommend draining a tank at least once a year here in Arizona.

Most water heaters have a drain cock or hose bib connection on the front bottom. Just hook up a hose and run the other end to your yard or even use it to rinse oil spots, just turn on the hose bib and let it run until the water coming out is cool or cold then shut it off. All done. It really is that simple. Just a warning, some tanks use plastic valve stems and may require a flat head screw driver to turn them. Older tanks should be drained gently to prevent breaking the valve.

Just some simple yet helpful information to save you hundreds In Water heater rebuild and replacement costs.
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Want to remind pool and spa owners that as the summer creeps closer the window grows smaller for draining your pool or spa for repair needs. Temperatures above 90 degrees can damage the cosmetic surface of your water barring structure. Even the resilience of pebble tech can be challenged by temperatures here in the valley because it’s still a plaster based product.
We always recommend doing a bucket test or evaporation test to determine if there may be potential leaks on your structure. Detailed instructions can be found on our website free to do self checks to see if you may actually need leak detection services on your structure.
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Want to extend a big thanks to all our customers out there that make our job the best in the world, thanks for your kind words and referrals. We will continue to try our best to meet your expectations every single day.
Terry Pairrett - Owner
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We have put up a new website! It looks terrific and is working great! Take a minute to check it out and help pass the word! Thanks.
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