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How on earth can giving something away for free help you make money in the long run? It doesn't make sense, does it? Well what if I told you free IS your friend?!

Check out how to use free promotions effectively to get more fans AND more sales right here:
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We have ALL been there! Here are some tips on how to overcome the dreaded writer's block! #amwriting
We’ve all been there: stuck with writer’s block on a tight deadline. It can completely derail your writing progress, and frustrate you to the point where you can’t get anything done. As a business owner, you don’t have time to…
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This is the ultimate holiday promotion calendar. Remember the holiday sales start now! Authors, don't miss out on this opportunity!
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Get ahead of the competition: 7 game-changing #marketing #trends to tackle in 2016
While digital marketing has undergone a substantial transformation in the last few years, the technology that incited the changes is growing at a faster pace than most brands can keep up with. So, what does this mean for competitive marketers that are already strategizing for 2016?
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When it comes to #book #sales, what counts as success might surprise you...
A survey from the Authors Guild reveals a 30 percent decline in author income since 2009. "You used to be able to make an absolutely living wage as a writer," says Guild President Roxana Robinson.
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Monday inspiration! 11 famous authors give their insights on finding a writing voice readers will take seriously #amwriting #authors
To help you on your journey to find your own unique writing voice, here are 11 insights from authors who took risks and said things of consequence.
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Can you guess what it is? Click the link below to find out what step #4 is in our simple self promotion series! #online #marketing #tips
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7 ways to ensure fans don't miss your Facebook page updates #SocialMedia #Marketing #Tips
Social Media - Are you tired of reaching less than 5% of your fans with your Facebook page posts? If so, then you need to find new ways to get your updates in ...
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Interesting read: #eBook #sales are not falling, despite what book publishers say
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How to immediately become a more productive (and better) writer #amwriting
To achieve your goal of becoming a better writer, Jerod Morris explains you may only need to change one small thing. And it's not just theory; it's science.
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Are eBooks really dying? Find out what I think here:
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We’re a full service author marketing firm with a specialty in Social Media. We are dedicated to providing the best service to our authors. What does this mean? If you want cookie cutter programs we’re not the right company for you because cookie cutter doesn’t work. We customize everything so that you get the best possible experience from your campaign. We’re also always updating our programs. We were using Twitter to promote our authors two years before anyone knew what Twitter was. We’re on the leading edge of anything related to book marketing. Let’s face it, you have to be. With 1,500 books published every day in this country you can’t trust that just “throwing something against the wall” will get you noticed because it won’t.
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