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Here is everything you need to know about #Amazon's preorder. What's the best way for #authors to use the feature? Find out here:
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Short is the new long! Find out why you should write a short story this month! #amwriting
by Anne R. Allen Mashable reported this week that the buzzword of the moment is "snackable content"—described as "bite-sized chunks of info that can be quickly 'consumed' by its audience." That's why short fiction is hot. Dit...
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If you've got a minute then why not check out my latest guest post? Turning one book into a series is a great way to drive more attention, more readers, and more sales. And, if you do that, you can have one book that’s always free! Find out what I mean here:
CREATING SOMETHING FOR FREE - Penny C. Sansevieri           I talk a lot about “owning the shelf,” meaning publishing a lot of books. But what if you just have one book that you’re trying to market? Making that one book fre...
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Do you struggle with editing? Here's how to write more concisely. Great #tips #amwriting
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Who here suffers with negativity when #writing? Read this to find out all you need to know about overcoming #writing anxiety in all its manifestations #amwriting
Here's how to overcome writing anxiety in all its varying manifestations...
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Get a huge 30% off our exclusive amazon Optimization Program. Hurry ends May 10th! Don't miss out on this amazing offer!

Go here for more details:

  #amwriting   #bookpromotion  
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Here's another review of my new book "How to sell Books by the Truckload on Amazon." Loving the positive feedback! Check it out:
Book Description: Amazon wants you to sell a lot of books. And How to Sell Your Books by the Truckload teaches you exactly how to do it. Internationally renowned Amazon book marketing expert, Penny Sansevieri, has created the ultimate guide for mastering the Amazon marketing system. And in moments it can be right at your fingertips! The savings in time…
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It's fantastic to know my book is helping #authors get the positive results they want! Check out this review to find out all about it. There's also a little interview in there too :)
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Build your own Bestseller Campaign AND get $75 off!! Spread the word! Go here for more detail:
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Are you #marketing your #book to men? If you are you may want to reconsider! Find out why below!
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Not happy with your book title or book cover? Here's how you can change it:
I've just been through a massive rebranding process: re-titling and re-covering the first 3 books in my ARKANE series, and updating the back
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This is an issue a lot of authors face: a book that’s been out for a while and you feel like you’ve really exhausted your options. Book sales are sagging and you figure it’s over.

Well, it’s not. You have a ton of options now to revive, renew, and even re-release a book with minimal effort. Click below to find out how:
Think your book is dead because it's not "new?" Guest blogger Penny Sansevieri shares 4 things you can do to bring new life to an old book.
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We’re a full service author marketing firm with a specialty in Social Media. We are dedicated to providing the best service to our authors. What does this mean? If you want cookie cutter programs we’re not the right company for you because cookie cutter doesn’t work. We customize everything so that you get the best possible experience from your campaign. We’re also always updating our programs. We were using Twitter to promote our authors two years before anyone knew what Twitter was. We’re on the leading edge of anything related to book marketing. Let’s face it, you have to be. With 1,500 books published every day in this country you can’t trust that just “throwing something against the wall” will get you noticed because it won’t.
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