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This review by Woz actually makes me want to go watch this film.  It's easy to forget that we live in Silicon Valley - the heart of so much creative force - and these movies reflect how the rest of the country views our industry.  Just like the social network and the internship, it's an opportunity to watch those watching us :)
In the discussion section of our Jobs review, Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak weighed in with his own impressions of the movie--and how he and others were portrayed. What follows is Woz's unedited take on Jobs:
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The movie had to be made for the simple fact that Ashton Kutcher was Steve Jobs' twin frozen as an embryo.
The movie could have been good even if false. But it wasn't. It wasn't close to memorable or good, much less great or insanely great. Had Jobs been in charge of this movie it never would have seen the light of day and some of the key people would be running for their lives. It gives a wrong impression of how young people without money and without experience start a company. It also ignores the fact that through the entire duration of the film, Apple only had one source of revenue (the first 10 years of the company) and that all of Jobs' efforts, including the Macintosh, were failures. The Macintosh was made successful by others under Sculley in years after Jobs departed. The movie is trying to say that LSD dreams lead to greater thinking but the truth is much different in the case of Apple. I don't have time but you'd be shocked how many scenes in the movie were the reverse, with Jobs on the receiving end and not the creating end. The person who held as much of the company as Jobs and myself, and who was our business mentor, is horribly portrayed. The person who was our president from the corporation start to going public is not mentioned either. A good and truthful movie would be much more entertaining but it takes more work to get the story right, not just one character's mannerisms.
+Steve Wozniak But you have to admit, Young Steve Jobs and Ashton Kutcher are identical.

I don't think the target audience of the film is one that cares about business strategy. It's the group of consumers that believes all Apple products are magical in origin.
Unfortunately the other Jobs movie is being written by Aaron Sorkin and after the Social Network, I fully expect it to bear no relation to reality but it will be the version of history that most people remember.
From the info that I gathered from the trailer I wasn't expecting much anyway.
Thank you +Steve Wozniak. I could say the things you've said until I was blue in the face and nobody would believe me. I'm no ace on the subject of Apple history or on Steve Jobs but I grew up marveling at the company and knew that eventually the truth would come out.

This was a mad mans dash for box office cash, at the expense of the reputation of a man who could no longer defend it.

I do not look forward to the years ahead of correcting people who blindly digest this drivel and repeat it as fact.
It's not real. It's a movie.

Steve Jobs wasn't God. Bill Gates is not the Devil. The Woz, isn't the Wizard of OZ. They're just a few of many important people, among many more, in the history of personal computers.

What we all owe our computing lives to isn't any of these people though. It's the folks in Xerox's skunk works, in the PARC project that created a GUI to go along with the already created mouse, that we all use a variant of, to this very day!
+Steve Wozniak My impression of the trailer is that the movie simply sets in scene what everone thought, Jobs would be. Your're right, that looks like bad storytelling. On the other side, real lifes never make a good story, because noone's life is dramatic enough. That's why storytellers make protagonists up.
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