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To all my American friends wondering what #IPL is (currently #5 on trending topics) - it stands for Indian Premier League. It's all the commonwealth peeps talking about the most awesomest sport ever invented - CRICKET!!!
Visit for up-to-the-minute official IPL news.
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Thanks for sharing! I'm one of the [probably few] Americans that follow Cricket.
[American here] Correction: IPL is Twenty20, which is by far the worst cricket out there, combining all of the simplicity of baseball without the subtlety.

I'd probably rank them 50-over, Test, Twenty20.
Follow Cricket? We don't even know what they're doing when they get out there.

It looks like a bat, but then they sort of run at the pitcher and what ARE they doing? Terribly confusing I can tell you.
Just a Circus..........made to order for raking in big bucks
You've got the wrong IPL, because nobody cares about cricket. #ipl stands for IGN Pro League, an eSports tournament that happened last weekend in Vegas :p (1st place in the SC2 tournament got $40,000 - not bad for 3 days of playing video games)
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