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Dear all 

I would like to express my appreciation for the continuous support you have provided to continue broadcasting to Eritrea. 
This time, I am writing in the spirit of the new campaign launched last week by Assenna Foundation, to kindly ask you if you would like to volunteer to be Friends of Assenna representative in your area.   

In order to have a sustainable Radio Assenna broadcasting to Eritrea via satellite and shortwave we need 100 representatives in many cities around the world.  Each representative is expected to form Friends of Assenna Group with at least 10 members who are willing to donate $10 a month.        . 
Having a representative on the ground to coordinate the fundraising efforts is very important. It would provide an opportunity for those who are happy to contribute but are constrained due to some technical reasons. 
I hope you have seen the campaign that has been posted on for almost a week now. The idea is to make it easier for many listeners to make a small amount of contribution and ease the financial burden that has been on the shoulder of the few committed Friends of Assenna who have been donating significant amount for many years. At the same time, we hope this will make Radio Assenna broadcasting sustainable.

We are half way to achieve the target which has to be reached on 31st March 2015. 
If you would like to volunteer to be Friends of Assenna representative in your city, we need a few details (your name and telephone) and they will be made public so that others who want to contribute will contact you locally.  

Please have a look on to see if your city has already been represented. If not, consider to volunteer yourselves. The list of the representative is also attached.  

If you wish to volunteer or you have an advice how to make this work contact us on
Best Regards
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