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Surprise! Kanye's latest album is FREE to download on Google Play Store.

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Amanti Melkamu commented on a video on YouTube.
Did he just say removable GPU's? So this thing is upgradable than!

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Amanti Melkamu commented on a video on YouTube.
Ye is simply revealing how these major corporations use Urban/Hip-Hop 
Artists like slaves and peons who are only able to shill for their 
products that they approve in order to make them wealthy (I see you 
Russell and Shawn Carter). He is also uncovering the fact that these 
guys are unable, not unwilling to secure concrete ownership, 
manufacturing, distribution, true creative control, etc to gain proper 
support if they even attempt to establish their own independent 
foundation. He's speaking on institutionalized racism, classicism, and 
how basically entertainers amount to high-paid slaves who are first 
glorified, then duped and used at will, only to end up tossed aside by 
companies soon as they try to develop real economic empowerment or 
become "irrelevant". He lost $13 MILLION. NIKE played him, Louis Vuitton
played him. Polo played him. He's expressing his frustration, he's not 
allowed to? We should all actually listen because it is OUR DOLLARS that
prop these corporations up based upon the illusion that we are 
supporting certain endeavors of these public figures. These corporations
that truly reap the rewards do not have our best interests in mind at 
the end of the day. A lot of times we shoot the messenger, when we 
should take the message out of their hands and read it first. We should 
also look at how all of a sudden, the so-called "cool white boys" (read:
Jewish cats who throw sneak racist shit in their shows/comedy films who
are " down with Hip-Hop" like Kimmel, Rogen, and Franco) are coming out
of the woodwork and clowning/turning against him, seemingly at the 
behest of their masters to discredit him for speaking out of turn. It is
all a game. Kanye is just pissed because he found out that regardless 
of what you achieve or how much money you make shilling for another 
brand, the game is indeed rigged.

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Markers Row is a very great resource to designers who are ready turn those sketches into a real product. Very informative video doc on this mission driven start-up. 

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I completely get it now. Infographics make everything so much more simpler. 

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Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal lolol

I love the fact that good kid, m.A.A.d city opens with a prayer. I feel like a warrior going into battle.

Wussgood Google! Aka the world its good to be alive.
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