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Amanda Tero
Born-again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. Stay-at-home daughter. Pianist. Music teacher.
Born-again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. Stay-at-home daughter. Pianist. Music teacher.


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Until We Find Home | First Line Friday, Review
When I saw a book by Cathy Gohlke come up for review, I grabbed it! I really liked how she incorporated history in her book, Promise me This .  I liked this book even better! If you like WWII, this is another book to add to your shelves! First line: Lightni...

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Quest for Leviathan!
Yep! I'm ready to spill some more news about my short story! By God's grace, I finished the second draft of "Quest for Leviathan" last week, and it is now in the hands of some beta readers. I am hoping for a February release, but I'm going to try something ...

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Scripture Graphics #74
The winds of destruction are always relentlessly pounding on us. If we step away from Jesus, He has all authority to remove Hi hand of protection and allow a little harm to come our way. He holds our salvation, but if we are not walking cautiously—staying i...

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With Love, from Me to You | First Line Friday, Book Review
Oopsie, this didn't post yesterday, so it's a day late! It's not the month that we think of as "the love month," but this little book I'm featuring fits perfectly for any season of the year! A red heart sends a message that says "I so love you," but we can ...

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Check, check...
I surprised myself last week in writing. I was still under the weather, battling this sick bug that's at our house. On the days that it didn't drain my mental capacity, I didn't have much energy. Which, for a writer, you don't need a ton of energy to write ...

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Scripture Graphics #73
How am I using the breath that God has lent me? Do I use it to praise Him? Complain? Curse? Give thanks? Share His salvation? This was before men had the entire Word of God—how blessed we are to not only have God’s Holy Spirit to guide, but also His Word to...

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Beneath a Prairie Moon | First Line Friday, Book Review
Happy New Year! This is the first "First Line Friday" of the year! :) And I've got a fantastic book for the first one! Beneath a Prairie Moon  doesn't release until March, but you will definitely want to get it on your list to read! I know that I say this w...

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Looking Backward, Looking Forward
2017 was definitely not the writing year that I had expected, but when I look back over 2017, it was a good writing year. I didn't get near as many words in as I had hoped, I'm not as far along in my writing projects as I had hoped, but I did make progress-...

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At the End of the Year...
When I look back at 2017, our family sure had its share of
difficult days, weeks, and months. On paper, 2017 dealt us several harder blows
than 2016. That is why, when I think back to 2017, I am amazed—because, for me,
it was a much better year. In 2016, I ...
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