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Me = Love x (internet + marketing + technology + entrepreneurship + ecommerce)
Me = Love x (internet + marketing + technology + entrepreneurship + ecommerce)


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Can't believe what he does at 0.32 seconds! And his phone still works.
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Very thought provoking post from SKRIB "Where are the visionary Australian Business leaders?"
Blog | SKRIB
Blog | SKRIB
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No. I am lost for words ... so mortified
The Associated Press is reporting that Steve Jobs has passed away, with the source being Apple.
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A who's who of technology journalists, commentators, and web-personalities to follow on Google+

If you’re interested in technology and you want to know who to follow on Google+, here's a list of leading tech journalists, commentators, and personalities, divided by categories and specialties.

General technology

+Chris Anderson - Editor in Chief of Wired and author of The Long Tail
+michael arrington - Founder of TechCrunch
+Patrick Beja - French podcaster and tech commentator
+Bianca Bosker - Technology Editor for The Huffington Post
+Henry Blodget - Controversial Wall Street journalist who covers tech sector
+Rick Broida - CNET blogger scours the Web looking for the best deals in tech
+Brian Cooley - CNET car-tech editor
+Charles Cooper - Veteran tech reporter for
+Dan Costa - Executive editor at PC Magazine
+Christopher Dawson - ZDNet blogger on technology in education
+Michael Dell - CEO of Dell
+Sam Diaz - ZDNet news hound on the Between the Lines blog
+Larry Dignan - ZDNet Editor in Chief; prolific tech news blogger
+Esther Dyson - Veteran technology pundit
+Mike Elgan - Widely-published freelance tech writer
+Rob Enderle - Long-time analyst of the PC industry
+Michael Gartenberg - Gartner analyst on consumer technology
+Denise Howell - Lawyer; commentator on technology and law
+Mathew Ingram - Canadian tech writer for GigaOm
+Mitch Kapor - Lotus, Mozilla pioneer; angel investor
+Vinod Khosla - One of the tech world’s most influential venture capitalists
+Adrian Kingsley-Hughes - Technology hardware commentator at ZDNet
+Martin LaMonica - CNET writer on green technology
+Leo Laporte - Host of TWiT network and former TechTV host
+Cali Lewis - Host of GeekBrief.TV
+Jim Louderback - CEO of Revision3; former editor of PC Magazine
+Om Malik - Founder of GigaOm
+John Markoff - Science writer for The New York Times
+Harry McCracken - Founder of Technologizer and former editor of PC World
+Declan McCullagh - CBS News correspondent on US tech policy
+Tom Merritt - Host of Tech News Today on the TWiT network
+Clayton Morris - Fox TV personality covering geek topics and social media
+Natali Morris - CNET TV host of Loaded and tech correspondent for CBS News
+patrick norton - Tekzilla host and former TechTV personality
+Andrew Nusca - ZDNet news writer; editor
+John Paczkowski - Tech news hound for All Things Digital
+Jason Perlow - ZDNet technology columnist
+Chris Pirillo - Tech geek turned Internet personality
+David Pogue - Tech columnist for New York Times and CNBC
+Jason Pontin - Editor in Chief of MIT Technology Review
+Seth Porges - Tech editor at Popular Mechanics magazine
+JR Raphael - Tech news writer for PC World
+Gabe Rivera - Founder of Techmeme
+Jack Schofield - Computer editor at The Guardian
+MG Siegler - TechCrunch news writer
+Dwight Silverman - Technology editor for the Houston Chronicle
+Brad Stone - Technology reporter for Bloomberg Businessweek
+Robert Strohmeyer - Freelance tech columnist
+Kara Swisher - Silicon Valley blogger for
+Baratunde Thurston - Editor, writer, and comedian
+Dan Tynan - Tech humor columnist and veteran tech writer
+Lance Ulanoff - Editor in Chief of PC Magazine
+Molly Wood -CNET TV host and writer; creator of the famed “Molly rant”
+Becky Worley - ABC technology reporter, TWiT network host
+Pedro Rafael Rosado - Co-host of New York Times "Bits: Tech Talk" radio show.
+Kim Sherrell - Geek-chick, film-maker and serial-entrepreneur. Twitter @kim

Mobile computing

+Bonnie Cha - CNET mobile tech editor
+Jessica Dolcourt - CNET mobile tech reporter
+Bob Egan - Analyst on mobile tech; Wi-Fi pioneer
+Ina Fried - mobile reporter
+Jonathan Geller - Founder and Editor in Chief of Boy Genius Report
+Nicole Lee - CNET mobile tech reporter
+stuart miles - Founder of
+Maggie Reardon - CNET reporter on mobile and wireless technology
+Mark Spoonauer - Editor in Chief of Laptop Magazine
+Kevin Tofel - Mobile site editor for GigaOm
+Tony Vincent - Writer on mobile tech and IT in education


+Marc Benioff - CEO of
+David Berlind - TechWeb Editor-in-Chief
+Tony Bradley - PC World tech writer
+David Davis - Author, blogger, expert on Cisco and virtualization technologies
+Bill Detwiler - TechRepublic’s Head Technology Editor
+Scot Finnie - Editor in Chief of Computerworld
+Steve Gillmor - Veteran tech journalist
+Bob Gourley - blogger; government IT expert
+Dion Hinchcliffe - Blogger and consultant on Web 2.0 for business
+Chuck Hollis - EMC CTO and blogger
+Alexander Howard - Government 2.0 Correspondent for 
O’Reilly Media
+Doug Kaye - Founder of IT Conversations
+Michael Krigsman - Watchdog of IT project failures
+Scott Lowe - CIO, author, and TechRepublic columnist
+Abbie Lundberg - Former editor in chief of CIO Magazine
+Steve Ranger - Editor of UK IT site
+Deb Shinder - Popular tech tip writer for TechRepublic and other publications
+Don Tennant - Former editor in chief of Computerworld
+Rick Vanover - Senior IT professional and TechRepublic blogger
+Werner Vogels - CTO

Web and social media

+Randall Bennett - Founder of TechVi, Web video specialist
+Paul Boutin - Reporter for VentureBeat, The New York Times, and Wired
+danah boyd - Academic/researcher in new media
+Jason Calacanis - CEO of Mahalo, founder of Weblogs Inc.
+Pete Cashmore - CEO of Mashable
+Mrinal Desai - Tech startup founder; tech news junkie
+Caterina Fake - Co-founder of Flickr
+John Furrier - Silicon Valley entrepreneur
+Jeff Jarvis - Professor and author who covers tech and new media
+Shira Lazar - Web Video journalist covering tech, culture, and new media
+Jennifer Leggio - ZDNet blogger on social media for business
+Charlene Li - Author and social media thought leader
+Richard MacManus - Editor and founder of ReadWriteWeb
+Andrew Mager - Web developer and ZDNet blogger on Web 2.0
+Caroline McCarthy - CNET writer covering Web 2.0
+Matt Mullenweg - Founder of WordPress
+Rafe Needleman - Editor of CNET’s Webware
+Jeremiah Owyang - Forrester analyst on new media technologies
+Kevin Rose - Founder of, host of Diggnation
+Joshua Schachter - Creator of Delicious, a.k.a.
+erick schonfeld - TechCrunch co-editor
+Robert Scoble - Tech writer and social media flag-bearer
+Stephen Shankland - CNET News reporter, covering the Web
+Joel Spolsky - Co-founder of Stack Overflow
+Owen Thomas - Writer at VentureBeat
+Alexia Tsotsis - TechCrunch reporter
+Fred Wilson - Tech venture capitalist in New York
+Dave Winer - “The father of blogging and RSS” (BBC)
+Dave Winer - Author and Harvard professor covering the Internet
+Michelle Marie - Creative thinker. Entertaining. Geek-chick.
+Tom Anderson Geek, Myspace co-founder and internet celebrity.
+Michael Lee Johnson - Tech lover, geek, and Google+ evangelist.

Consumer electronics

+Donald Bell - Gadget reporter for CNET
+Veronica Belmont - Host of Tekzilla and Qore, and former CNET TV host
+Ryan Block - Former Engadget editor and co-founder of GDGT
+David Carnoy - CNET editor of mobile gadgets
+Jason Chen - Gizmodo editor
+brian lam - Editorial Director of Gizmodo
+Nilay Patel - Managing Editor of Engadget
+Don Reisinger - Gadget columnist for CNET
+Peter Rojas - Founding editor of both Gizmodo and Engadget
+Ross Rubin - NPD head analyst on consumer technology
+Joanna Stern - Engadget reporter
+Jeremy Toeman - Consumer electronics startup advisor
+Joshua Topolsky - Editor in Chief of Engadget

This list is a modified version of the Twitter list originally written by +Jason Hiner over at
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Perfect. First one I've seen that has QA/Test represented.
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