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I was sent this lovely opportunity, but unfortunately cannot relocate to Austin, TX. (Sorry, Austin friendos.) But, some of you word-nerds with publishing, marketing, and journalism experience might be interested, so I thought I would pass it on.

This sounds like a lot of fun. 

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Kickstart this!! 
Kickstart This!

Like many of you, I saw the film Hidden Figures and cheered and cried with the amazing women whose stories had been shamefully neglected for far too long. As someone with more than a passing interest in women's history, I was also more than a little frustrated and disappointed that the stories of these women and others weren't routinely taught in school when I was a kid. Heck, they haven't been taught in most schools in the nearly-30 years since I graduated.

Over the last couple of years, there has been a concerted effort to tell the stories of important women in history whose work has overlooked, if not completely dismissed, for decades or even centuries. Most of the women newly-celebrated worked in the fields of medicine or science, with only a few representing mathematics, and even fewer still were African American women.

Until now, that is. Dr. Shelly Jones is committed to sharing the stories of these math pioneers in her work with students and teachers around the country. As someone who works with a diverse population, she knows the importance of creating a more accurate and representative picture of influential mathematicians, which was more than just a bunch of white men with a smattering of white women.

Dr. Jones was kind enough to answer a few of my questions about her work in teaching mathematics as well as explaining the importance of the African American Women Mathematician Activity Book.

Read the interview:

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Research nerd humor done right. 

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A fly ball pitcher?
(I'll see myself out. I'm sorry.)

Van Rent Helsinki is my new indie band name. 

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Broadsided is one of my favorite "journals" on the web. Unlike traditional journals their focus is on making poetry into public art. Collaborations between artists and writers result in beautiful print-at-home broadsides (worthy of framing, tbh), and readers are asked to become "vectors" to promote public display of the works.

Their latest project, art and poetry responding to the DAPL pipeline and the efforts at Standing Rock, has resulted in some powerful works. Go take a look.

The submission period for this project has ended, but if you are an artist or writer, consider submitting your work for future projects or the monthly broadside. Get your poetry/art seen in public spaces world-wide. 

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"No, ma’am. Silence is not golden. Golden is the lightening that cuts a path through the heavens and hollers like a panther, and says without an ounce of doubt, I am alive, poor and soup beans or not. I am reborn again and again."
Sounds very familiar. Wonder where I heard this? Geee...maybe I went though similar? 8th grade, hell ALL grades can be cruel.

But that cheese, yes sir. Can I have some more? 

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Protect yo self!

Everyone, everywhere. Though written with women dealing with domestic abuse or stalking in mind, the guide and its principles can be used irrespective of gender, location or situation.

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I don't know why but I expected better from Ohio University's administration.

Our is a great campus with a strongly diverse and supportive community. Years ago I saw the community come together multiple times to protect the environment, and protest social and political issues. It was a very active campus, and I hope that the charges are dropped.

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My Granddaughter... Someone.. Anyone.. please call the number if you've seen her 
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