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Amanda R.
Being fashionable and elegant is not difficult or pricey!
Being fashionable and elegant is not difficult or pricey!

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End of exam period - Winter thoughts
We took this pictures at the very end of the exams period in a crispy cold but sunny Saturday morning in Valencia. I've been out for these weeks as I've been dealing with super stressing stuff and work to do, besides finally joining a dance group at the uni...

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5 things I've learnt studying Architecture (and you should be doing RIGHT NOW!)
I entered the Valencia Technical School of Architecture five years ago , aiming to change the world, design spectacular buildings and without any specific route to follow, both in my career or my personal life. I just wanted everything to flow. To everythin...

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Inspiration: Wool
I can't believe the last inspiration post was so long ago! As we're suffering this extreme, siberian cold wave in Europe (yes, Valencia is having very cold temperatures as well. Colder than usual temperatures, at least) I decided it was the right time to po...

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Pink velvet dress
This outfit ended a bit unexpected. You know I'm more the kind of B&W lass, or moreover, the one who always matches her outfits with a black or grey piece because lack of color-combination-ability. But this ended on a soft, sweet and fluffy mix of pieces I ...

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Outfit for family events - Blue is the clue
Three Wise Men/Three Kings Day. In Spain, Christmas aren't officially over until 6th January. Here, both child and adults are excited to find their gifts on the 6th January morning. It's a huge tradition for Spanish families to go have lunch together usuall...

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Don't say "beautiful", when you mean "woman"
I was walking my way to a café near home to meet a friend. I wouldn't say is very significant (and you'll know why later) to say that it was a sunny Tuesday morning, with lots of people walking their dogs and picking their groceries at the corner shop. I wa...

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White vintage dress-coat
Vintage shopping is somehow tricky. You must see further than the piece you are getting, and foremost, be ready for the unexpected. You might not find that dress for New Year's Eve you have been looking for but, instead, find an ah-wesome two piece suit tha...

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Happy 2017!
Picture: evigshow  ; miriammunyoz . Thanks, my lovely ladies! End of the year. And with it, time to recap and make some sort of personal balance of 2016. As always, it's been a year full of nice moments and bad times, it is what it is. As always, I try to b...

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Christmas-ready classy dress for less than 30$
I can't believe it's almost Christmas and we're almost done with our quarterly subjects , which include (as always) tons of work deliveries and presentations for December 21st-22nd. After that, I'll be mostly at home for the coming exam period and working o...

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Bimba & Lola dress - End of the Summer
It's been a while! You can't even imagine how much I miss writing on a daily basis and sharing with you fashion ideas and theories running through my mind. Days off for shooting are not an option, and since I'm looking forward to the (huge) English exam on ...
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