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How do I get rid of someone in my main stream? He was posting way too much for me, so I removed him from the circle but he's still in my main stream. He is not "following" me, rather I had added him to a circle to follow his public updates, now i just want to shake him.
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Click on his profile page. Underneath where it shows who's in his circles you can block him. Like on your page it says "Block Amanda" (which I would never do.) :)
I think you can move him to a different circle by dragging his photo. I just did this because I wanted to move someone. Not that I know anything on here ;_
He'll still show up in your stream if he's got you in his circle or is following you. It works backwards of twitter. If you are following someone on twitter, then you can see what that person posts. If someone is following you on google+ you get to see what he posts.
Kristie - really?? I'm a little irritated by that, that's so weird to me.
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