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Amanda Norris
{ Mom, Blogger, Virtual Assistant, Crafter }
{ Mom, Blogger, Virtual Assistant, Crafter }

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Great advice.
How To Keep Your WordPress Site Safe from Hackers (

Ok, perhaps we should say "safer" or "safe-ish" because obviously, nothing is 100% foolproof; however, there are several precautions that you really MUST take to secure your #WordPress site.

Change the Username
Do NOT use the default 'admin' as a username!!! If you do, you have just made a hacker's job a lot easier, and if (when) a hacker hacks in with user the admin username, they will have complete control of your website.

Use a Strong Password or Long Passphrase
Having stronger or longer passwords can minimize brute-force attacks and make it more difficult for someone to hack in with a lucky guess. Change your password regularly and include a combination of letters, numbers, symbols, etc.

Limit Login Attempts
Secure passwords aren't enough. A basic brute force attack (where hackers will continually and automatically try to enter various passwords) will work like a charm and let the hacker in. Limiting login attempts will prevent brute force attacks.

To protect against automated login attacks we detect and protect our customers' websites against these hack attempts in real-time. Repeated login failures result in temporary IP bans via fail2ban with increasingly longer bans for repeated failed attempts.

Find a Secure Host -
Nothing you do will even matter if the web host itself isn’t secure. Find a hosting company that takes security very seriously (like us!).

Keep Your WordPress Install Up-To-Date
WordPress releases regular updates in order to minimize vulnerabilities... make sure your version is always up-to-date. You should also refrain from displaying its version number on your website as that gives hackers a clear picture of which cracks to exploit.

Keep Your Themes and Plugins Up-To-Date
As much as possible, make sure that you are only using themes and plugins that you trust and that are being updated regularly. The wrong plugins can introduce vulnerabilities or even backdoors to your websites. Also, remove plugins that you are no longer using.

When you host with us, we manage most of the updates on your WordPress account. By default your account is set to automatically update on a daily basis when new plugin versions are released. The only thing we don't update are your themes, you will need to review these yourself.

Limit Access
You should not give guest contributors or contractors full control unless absolutely necessary and you should remove it once the job is complete. Contributors themselves can be hacked, especially if they are not using a strong password. Disgruntled employees or contractors can wreck havoc on your website. Review accounts on a regular basis and be sure to remove them as soon as the account is no longer needed.

Back It Up
Realistically, hacking can never be prevented. This is because every week a new vulnerability is discovered in software powering websites. Even if your website is managed by a team of security experts, your website will always be vulnerable. That is why NOTHING beats a good backup of your website and database. If your website is hacked, you need to be up and running again immediately. A regular backup should keep your downtime to a minimum. Just in case something does go wrong, we take daily backups of your entire account: your files, your database, plugins, themes, settings, you name it!

We would LOVE to hear from any experts in our audience who have additional tips to add to this list.

Learn about our WordPress Security -

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Work/life balance is more than the newest sought after Zen state. It is a means of prioritizing one’s life to achieve greater personal happiness AND productivity. Have your reached your Zen?

#worklifebalance #timemanagement

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Full of great tips! I love Be Present. So true. I try to finish things up for the day when the kids get home from school and if not - for sure by dinner time.
It can be hard to find work/life balance when you are a working at home mom. Here are some great tips on how to balance your work and family time. After all, in the end it is the moments with your family you will look back on and treasure most.

#worklifebalance #workathomemom #productivity

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How I came to build my team.

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Keeping my email cleaned up is a challenge. Here are some tips to help get it clean and keep it clean.

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I think the kids would LOVE this dinner idea.
Simple pizza waffle - Breakfast for dinner has reached a whole new level.

Follow +Creative Ideas for more.

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Looking to inspire conversation on your social media pages and go beyond the “like” and “share?” +Social Media Examiner gives us some great ways to get creative and come up with unique posts that will engage your fans and get them talking. 
#engagement   #socialmedia
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