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Amanda Hoffmann
Easy, Smart and Fun Bookkeeping Solutions in the Cloud
Easy, Smart and Fun Bookkeeping Solutions in the Cloud


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I share my very personal journey to recovery after seven miscarriages and the stories of others.

Have you ever experienced miscarriage?
Would you like to share?

#miscarriage #grief #baby #sadness #pregnancy

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The Australian Tax Office wants more than just your plane ticket and conference receipts. In fact, they require you to prove it was for work / business purposes.

My latest article on +LinkedIn shares exactly what a #ATO auditor wants to see.

#Taxation #Australia #SMMW17 #SanDiego #SocialMediaExaminer #MichaelStelzner #SocialMediaMarketingWorld17 #SMMW2017

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Receipt-Bank Lunch - Collaboration and Sharing the Cloud Journey

The lunch with finance peers +Shellys Bookkeeping +Link Bookkeeping +Amanda Hoffmann +Receipt Bank was amazing.

View my storify slides to see what we learnt and shared.

#cloudservices   #software   #receiptbank   #MOB  

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It's time BAS Agents valued their skill set and expertise. While we might not be able to charge like an accountant, I believe perception, innovation and our own personal limits are the only real limitations out there!

My article goes on to explain why it's bookkeepers fault that Business owners are advertising for $25 hour BAS Agents!

Read my popular article trending LinkedIn here

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OFFICEBOOKS offers Xero at a Discount for Annual subscription

Small business owners can now purchase a year's subscription from Officeworks at a discount from their usual retail prices of $50 month fee for standard ($600) or $70 month for premium 10 ($840).

This allows the walk-in customer the opportunity to make a choice, just like insurance companies have been offering for years. Pay a lump sum up front for an entire year and receive a discount, or pay monthly at a higher price.

Read my entire article

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Homestay Real Estate Income is it taxable?

I have seen a number of updates regarding the different status' of renting out a spare room in your home on Facebook of late. When my girlfriend came over to cut the kids hair stating that renting out her spare bedroom was tax-free. I knew it was time that I wrote an article about it.

Renting a room in my house is tax free!

Is it?
I share the ATO ruling and interpretation of homestay in my latest LinkedIn update

#homestay #Australia #ATO #Realestate

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