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New Blog Post: if it's impossible, should you give up?
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I think, if it's something you believe in, you should keep trying until you either accomplish the task or convince yourself of the task's impossibility.
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I was feeling smug until I realized that I would have selected Turkey. Who knew there was more than one large, kidney-shaped country in Eastern Europe?
Americans can be forgiven for mistaking Romania or Kazakhstan for Ukraine, particularly if the maps when they were in school had a big scary Soviet Union blob.  Other answers are a little more vaguely associative: Greenland, Ellesmere Island, and Alaska because Ukraine is next to Russia and Siberia is cold, perhaps?  Falkland Islands or Tibet because they're being invaded by an imperial power?
And then there are the survey respondents who are completely lost:
One vote for the Ukraine being South Florida, five on the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, one in Madagascar, one in Cuba...  And then there are the people who don't seem to understand how a map: one person thought Ukraine was south of New Zealand and two thought it was in the Bay of Bengal.  Perhaps they got the "Russia invades Crimea" story with the "Malaysian Airlines flight lost in the Indian Ocean" story.

Before anyone gets too smug, though, the map used in the article is nearly three years out of date, showing a unified Sudan.
84% of Americans are unable to locate Ukraine on a world map; those that can't are more likely to support military intervention.
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This is so cool.  It actually made me cry.
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New Blog Post:

What is math good for, and why do we bother teaching it?
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As I've been doing work that actually makes use of my degree, I've been considering what it is that makes a math degree useful.  I think, in large part, it's the time spent writing proofs. 

That is, no one cares about the fact that you can prove that this function approaches this line.  But by doing so, you've gotten in the habit of looking at a large number of possibilities (is this true for every possible real number??) and identifying the handful of categories or divisions that matter.  You're often able to find ways that, even when different categories must be treated differently (positive and negative numbers) you can create a function that uses the same formula on all of them (ABS()) and yet calculates correctly.  

Furthermore, when the execs want to know "How do you know this works?" "Have you considered every possibility?" "What are the assumptions of this model", you have answers.  You don't have to say "Yes, we've covered every possibility" and ask them to trust you -- you're already good at laying out every scenario (Either lamda is 0 or it's not) in ways that can be easily understood. You're already good at identifying your assumptions, and explaining how they lead to the conclusions you've drawn.  

Anyone can calculate.  But knowing what to calculate -- that's the value of training. 
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Handy summary
The core is what supports us; it’s connected to our vital life force.
With a strong core you improve almost every yoga pose and the whole practice of yoga becomes much easier and safer. By Esther Ekhart
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Just because all the cool kids are using the eventually consistent NoSQL database, doesn't mean it's a good idea to use it for your accounting system, where you care if the same money gets taken out more than once.
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Cool! Glad it was useful to someone. I thought it was fascinating, but don't really have enough background to make any commentary on it.
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Google says "share your thoughts", but really I don't have any yet. +Adam Ramsay and I are going to give it a shot tomorrow and see. 
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Interesting essay on pricing, capitalism, and marketing.   With some good questions about education and privilege thrown in to conclude.  
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I've always found this a bit baffling - you pay $3000 to get precious snowflake into Harvard, whereby you pay $200,000 to get precious snowflake a job at McKinsey which doesn't actually work in the end because P. Snowflake wasn't even smart enough to handle the SAT without help.

Seems like a classic example of a Tusser.
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Quote from the comments said it best: "Collier is not charismatic, but his arguments are compelling."

It does little good to give money to an institution you know is going to waste it.  Good governance first; then aid. 
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