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Probably not, but I'll test out Google Drive all the same.
Not sure. I've been having an internal centralized/diversified debate with myself recently....
I feel like I have to try it, definitely, but I'm so invested in Dropbox (shared folder, etc.) that it would be hard to convince me to switch. Also, if I have to pay for it, no way. Maybe I could use it as a backup archive...
Most likely yes, but..... I'm a fairly big google fanboy, but I do need to really consider much stuff I'm tying up in them. Don't really mean from a privacy standpoint, just STUFF. Can't really get more private than your email.
Typing on a phone is hard.
*how much stuff I'm tying up in them
LOL Joshua, my brain just inserted the extra word automatically. Maybe it's adjusted for problems with typing on phones... ;)
I know! I had to read it a few times very deliberately to convince myself I'd missed a word.
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