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Seeking Reviewers for New Contemporary Romance - Crossing Double

epub and mobi copies available on the following sites:

Crossing Double
A Heartbreaker Novel, Book 3
By Tamra Baumann
Published: October 16, 2018
ISBN: 9781947591035
Pages: 275
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Brent Keiser, a certified genius, and forensic accountant works for the FBI mostly because of their awesome retirement plan. Growing up homeless with a ditzy mother can make a guy be a little obsessive in the saving for the future department. But just once, he'd like to get out in the field, maybe actually fire a gun or chase after a bad guy like the other agents. Although, solving crimes with his calculator is statistically much safer, and he'd live to enjoy that house on the beach he saves for each payday.

Sara Chapman used to be a card-carrying member of the Hollywood rich kid pack, but after serving community service, she said goodbye to her spoiled friends. Seeing the plight of the homeless up close and personal gave her new direction. But that doesn’t deter the annoying paparazzi. Her parents were the famous ones, not her. Sara’s only recent claim to fame was for having the most embarrassing public break up in the history of the entire world. Unfortunately, they don’t give Oscars for those, so she is trying to keep her head down and to stay as far away from single men as possible.

But then Sara becomes unknowingly tangled up in Brent’s money laundering case against her father. When it becomes hard to tell the good guys from the bad, she turns to Brent for help. While on the run for their lives, the built, nerdy accountant with magnificent abs, transforms into her personal superhero. Opposites in almost every way, will Brent see her as his Kryptonite or his Lois Lane?
Crossing Double
Crossing Double

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Seeking Reviews for Upcoming Mystery/Crime/Suspense Novel - On the Count of Three - ARC epub and mobi copies available

Formats Available For Review: mobi, epub

On the Count of Three
By Carolyn Arnold
Publisher: Hibbert & Stiles Publishing Inc.
Release Date: December 4, 2018
ISBN: 978-1988353739
Genre: Mystery, Hard-Boiled, Police Procedural, Thriller, Crime, Suspense

And they thought prison was hell…

When a woman’s disappearance ticks off all the same boxes as two unsolved murders, Miami homicide detective Kelly Marsh is convinced there’s about to be a third. If she’s right and the killer sticks to their previous MO, she only has three days before Jenna Kelter’s decapitated head will show up somewhere in the city. With no time to waste, Kelly reaches out to the one person she knows can help: her former mentor and family friend Jack Harper, who just happens to lead a team with the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit.

BAU special agent and profiler Brandon Fisher easily sees the similarities between Detective Marsh’s missing person case and the two cold cases: all three victims served time for DUI vehicular homicide and disappeared three days after being released from prison. But is that enough to assume Kelter has been abducted by a serial killer? Brandon’s not so sure and fears his boss may have let his personal connection to Marsh cloud his judgment. Surely there isn’t any other explanation for why they jumped into an investigation less than twenty-four hours after Kelter was reported missing. Then again, maybe Brandon is letting his own differences with the detective affect his perspective. He’ll need to move past it, though—and quickly.

​​​​​​​After all, this killer has evaded capture for the past six years, and they may be looking at a lot more victims than originally suspected. This serial killer is calling the shots and pulling them into a macabre game of cat and mouse. While the team has no choice but to play, if they don’t make the right moves, one of them may not make it out of Miami alive.

For review copies contact:

Hibbert & Stiles Publishing Inc.


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Seeking Reviews for Romantic Mystery Detective novel - A Story of Bad

Request a review copy from one of the following links:

A Story of Bad
By Edward M. Krauss
Publisher: Global Authors Publishers
ISBN: 978-0979808746
Genre: Romantic Mystery Detective
Formats Available For Review: pdf, NetGalley, BookSprout

This novel is a New York mystery. He’s a cop, she’s a reporter. Murder brings them together.

A Story Of Bad is about a reporter and a detective, both asking questions about a murder - although from different perspectives - who become ensnared in a romance. Their relationship raises questions about confidentiality, loyalty to one’s employer, professional ethics; she is trying to write a story for her readers, he is trying to keep control of an investigation. Both of their bosses caution them about the dangers to their careers raised by this situation. And there they are, lovers.

The tale is designed to intrigue with two intertwining stories, the mystery of the murder and the unexpected love affair. As the relationship grows and the mystery is solved we visit the worlds of police investigations, newspapers and their editorial policies, the Cambodian experience in America, and drug smuggling.

There is no graphic violence or sex in the book.

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Seeking Reviews for a Jewish-American Fiction/Romance Novel - Solomon The Accountant

Request a review copy from one of the following sites:

Solomon The Accountant
By Edward M. Krauss
Published: January 2018
ISBN: 978-1932687606 (hc)
ISBN: 978-1945975721 (pb)
Genre: Jewish-American Fiction, Clean Romance
Formats Available For Review: pdf, NetGalley, BookSprout

Solomon has fallen hard for a young, recent widow. He gently, tenderly tries to win her heart as she struggles with leaving behind her old love, accepting new love, all the while tugged and pulled by her family and society's expectations. STA is a warm-hearted, haimish, character-driven story of love lost and found, with tears and laughter.

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Seeking Reviews For Upcoming Book For Young Teens - Reaching New Heights: God's Answers to Young Teens' Questions Volume 1: January-March

pdf, mobi and epub copies available
Grad a copy at one of the following sites:

Reaching New Heights
God's Answers to Young Teens' Questions Volume 1: January-March
By Don Meinberg
Publisher: Lucid Books
Release Date: November 1, 2018
ISBN: 978-1632962478
Pages: 208
Genre: Self-help, Christian, Kid's Self-Help

How can young people know they’re making the right decisions in their lives?

Kids between the ages of 10 and 15 often face significant confusions, challenges, and uncertainties in their life stages. Yet, numerous books and publications focus only on high school or college ages, while few speak to the pressing questions young teens or pre-teens face every day. The purpose of this book is to give junior high kids a yearlong study to find God’s specific answers to problems they face daily. Their issues may be like the topics facing high school and college kids, but they require a totally different perspective. What’s more, these younger kids are most likely facing issues for the first time and are left confused and frustrated.

This book will shed biblical light on issues such as:

•Navigating friendships
•Dealing with embarrassment
•Parent problems
•Dealing with bullying
•Peer pressure
•Dealing with violence

'Reaching New Heights' gives young teens an avenue to learn what God says and how to apply God’s answers to their lives.

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Seeking Reviews For the Sci-fi Novel - Sheppard’s Quest

pdf, mobi and epub copies available
Get a copy at

Sheppard’s Quest
By Gary Caplan
Published: January 2018
ISBN: 978-1975920159
Pages: 238
Genre: Science Fiction

Alliance fleet officer Robert Sheppard and his crew aboard the Phoenix have a sworn duty to uphold order in the universe. Even when that duty means they have to put their lives on the line, each individual is ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for the Alliance of Worlds. In his latest adventure, Sheppard may have to do just that. He is facing dangerous new enemies with advanced technology, weaponry, and intelligence. It may just be his most deadly adventure yet!

When Sheppard is asked for help by his new allies, the Talcon, he can hardly refuse. From their planet-sized spaceship, the Talcon Starcity, the alien race is looking to establish colonies in the Milky Way. Their impressive technology forces most other planets and organizations to play nicely.

The Talcon have a problem that they think Sheppard can solve. Animals from Starcity are going missing. It seems like such a simple mystery, but the solution to the puzzle will take Sheppard across space and into the hands of a strange new entity. Despite his many years working for the Alliance of Worlds, there is still much Sheppard doesn’t know about the universe and its many species. He’ll soon discover some hard truths!

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Seeking Reviews for the New Sci-fi/Fantasy Thriller - Twilight’s Last Glory

pdf and mobi copies are available.
Get a copy at

Twilight’s Last Glory
By Stephen Perkins
Publisher: Star Born Publishing LLC
Published: September 1, 2018
ISBN: 9781643160153
Pages: 356
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Science Fiction, Fantasy

A global spectacle of triumph and anguish. A grand pageant of violence and drama. In the future it is more than just a game, and a mysterious secret society will use it to change the world. America’s game has become the world’s favorite pastime and she is not just the WFFL’S latest superstar but the future of humanity!

In a world secretly ruled by an organized crime pyramid with mystical powers known as the Octagonal, and while a legend who harbors a dark secret strives for one last shot at glory in the twilight of his career, crime lord Gigi Salerno is the sinister hand casting the ultimate fate of victory or defeat. And, he will use any means necessary to ensure the Octagonal remains in control of the world’s most popular game. But when a brilliant team doctor envisions future WFFL rosters filled out with AI, Salerno’s masters secretly decide he’s expendable.

Now threatened by the intrepid ambitions of a young sports columnist determined to expose the Octagonal, the covert maneuvering of a once trustworthy lieutenant, and the conflicted loyalties of an unscrupulous team general manager, Salerno is faced with a dilemma: he may have to befriend one of his enemies to vanquish his double crossing masters.

Will he survive long enough to capture what he secretly desires most – the reluctant affections of beautiful woman?

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Seeking Reviews for the Women's Fiction Novel - Here on Moon

Formats Available For Review: pdf, or can be sent to Kindle from NetGalley
Get Your copy at one of the following links:

Here on Moon
By Edward M. Krauss
Publisher: Infinity Publishing
ISBN: 978-0741407887
Genre: Romance, Women's Fiction

A novel of betrayal, divorce, recovery. One of the nicest compliments I received was a woman who told me she wished she had read the book when she was going through divorce, it would have been a help to her. That touched me deeply.

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Seeking Reviews for New Parenting Book - How to Build Children With Integrity

How to Build Children With Integrity
By Karen Budzinski
Publisher: Westbow Press
Published: August 2018
ISBN: 978-1973633723
Genre: Non-fiction, Parenting
Formats Available For Review: Print (limited quantities, only available to qualified reviewers/bloggers in the U.S.), pdf

Raising the next generation of children is more distracting than ever. We want to raise children with purpose, who excel not only in their pursuits but in the character that makes them victorious when life throws them challenges. How do you give your children the best opportunities without feeding the narcissism prevalent in our selfie society? By giving them integrity.

Building children requires integrity: the wholeness that comes from knowing who you are, what you stand for and what you live for. Integrity is consistent; it can be counted on. Building children with integrity helps them to own the ethics and character that will stand against the flood of social opposition to strong values.

How to Build Children with Integrity is a toolbox of resources and ideas for parents and those who are involved with children. This book is meant to be used as a springboard to inspire people to think of how they can take normal everyday life and build something lasting in children along the way. As we dedicate ourselves to these tasks, results will follow.

For review copies contact:

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Seeking Reviewers for Middle Grade Romance - Catch Up

Catch Up
By Christa Plunkett
Publisher: Page Publishing
ISBN: 978-1640821453
Genre: Middle Grade Romance, Coming of Age Romance
Formats Available For Review: Print (limited quantities, only available to qualified bloggers/reviewers in the U.S.), kindle

Thirteen-year-old Cassandra "Cass" Backus is a young girl experiencing teenage awkwardness and bullying at school. The only thing she has to look forward to is catching up with handsome Brad Bentley, the neighbor boy she grew up with before his family moved six years ago.

Cass and Brad plan to meet for lunch on the Saturday he's in town. With Valentine's Day around the corner and the big eighth grade dance coming up in spring, Cass has high hopes. Brad may be the answer to turning around her hard luck and popularity issues. However, a rumor spreading about her most popular tormentor circles back to Cass as the perpetrator--and the rumor victim is not the least bit happy! Now, Cass has to worry about being tracked down by an entourage of haters while on her lunch date. Will Cass and Brad ever manage to catch up and take their friendship to the next level?

Catch Up follows Cass and a cast of quirky characters on a unique and humorous journey to answer this question.

For review copies contact:

Christa Plunkett

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