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*One Person 's Craziness* ... is Another Person Reality.... ~~ Tim Burton
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So many ways on so many levels to take this.

Thanks for the share.
++++ and thanks for sharing....
I believe who is anyone to judge what is truly 'crazy'. We all have our own individual quirks and odd behaviours.
Tim Burton can judge crazy in my books... ♥
“Everything in this room is edible. Even I'm edible. But, that would be called canibalism. It is looked down upon in most societies.”
― Tim Burton, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
That is, in a way, what I was trying to explain. Sorry, I do not know very much about Tim Burton.
That's oh so so fookin true!!!
That's what schizoids say. LOL But there really is a difference between craziness and reality. Just ask the scientists.
Might as well condemn me now then, before it's to late. Lmfao
Seriously -- if you ever actually came close to complete insanity, you'd not joke about it. Or if you lived with a mentally ill person, you lose all the comedy about it. It's creepy and there's no recovery, only "managing it" via Big Pharma pills.
The world believes in crazy people, later remembered as genius
Yo iv'e had issues mate such as depression and post traumatic stress disorder due to gettin attacked with a machette and witnessing my left arm nearly being hacked off
I always say.....I may not know karate but I do know "crazy" and Im not afraid to use it!
Most crazy people are not celebrated geniuses. They are suffering souls who are marginalized by society. The geniuses are more smart and talented than your typical mental patient. But even if the world cheers them on, it does almost nothing to help them, in fact it encourages them to be more insane, for greater entertainment value.
The only thing that held my arm together was my elbow bone iv'e had 8 ops so far to reconstruct my left arm and im due my next 1 on April !8th so i no wot its like..
And if ya can't laff it off then ya would crack up ive bin on pills for the last 5 yrs n probably will be for the rest of my life!!
+Andy Harris I hear ya. There's nothing glamorous or cool about PTSD or anxiety, paranoia, disconnection with reality. Those who say the great artists blurred reality and fantasy don't know how dangerous and depressing that mode really is.
So i am living with a mentally ill person and that person is me, but hey at least im dealing with life and is still here to watch my daughter grow up as i died twice and lost 4pints of blood in 20 mins! It's my daughter that keeps me goin n im here to tell the story still..
Srinu S
There is a difference between a madman, a psychotic and a crazy person. Crazy is otherwise normal individual who is obsessed with his ideas but not a stalker. Guys I think you are mixing things up!
I was too distracted by the Papyrus font to actually read this or look at anything else. It's beauty is blinding.
Stupid vs crazy vs boring. Y'all don't know any definitions of any of it.
Today i am going to be crazzzy along with everyday hereafter cause shit happens and life goes on,,,,,,,,,,,,,....thts the way ;)
some hard core Font fans on this here stream.... ;)
ya take it as a compliment..........miss blain
I love Tim Burton's work
No, it's not! That statement doesn't even make sense! Wow! it's Tim Burton, it must be profound. A hackneyed abuse of an overused cliché. One mans sock is another mans trumpet! One mans Johnny Depp is another mans shit cockney accent.
What if a person is Schizophrenic? Then it's one person's craziness due to one's own loss of reality! :P
io eh....thats sum real shit ryt
may be................but it depend upon the matter
+Hax Xan You are Spamming... If you do that again you are blocked. DONT SPAM.
+Amanda Blain fair enough, don't mean to sound like a troll. Hope no ones crazy is equal to my reality though, Probably the most boring crazy anyone could suffer from.
I wish Tim Burton would make his own version of red riding hood.
This doesn't really strike me as a deep or insightful quote... just something Tim Burton would say because he likes to be weird for the sake of being weird.
"I" believe crazy is only used by those whom 'don't get it' of another!!!!
fotolar bir harika çok güzel çıkmışsın canım
Tim Burton? I like "Sleepy Hollow" and "Edward Scissors Hands."
"Edward Scissors Hands" is my all time favorite.
Tim Burton is a certified expert in that field.
burton does it again (i'm batman")
and sometimes they're just really crazy!
nah they would so fucked up as zombies
they would probably go after u like they do with there fantasies
Get Out Of My Head.... You Would Go Insane
Chris W. Watts

Your Insanity.... Is my Reality...
Chris W. Watts
Emo Boy
hi good eleving nice to see you
I like it, surely it had scratched my mind.
Where's that guy fan pages???
I love people who are not afraid of being who they are, there is a purity and a flow of energy about them that fills me with life!
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