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i love the movie up! It's one of my all time favorites! Who agrees with me?
que hermosos globos me encanta bonita imagen
Ken Hsu
look at the size of these balloons! many balloons are there to make the house to fly? THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!
Too crazy. who knew it could really happen.
it's funny............... i accually had a dream about that last night............ I JUST REALIZED THAT!
Jm Bob
More Balloons for MIT to stream in Image Indexing, great photo, that's what I call moving, looks like something out of The Wizard Of Oz.
is that a person in the window?!?!?!
Cool flying house............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Would have been quite the adventure if I were in the house. 
Wow that's incredible!
Should have put a house together and gave it to someone who needs it :-!

Looks like a cartoon I ever seen before.
That will not work
que divertido es estar alla arriba en una casa que tenga globos y pasear y pueda ir de un lado a otro en cualquier estacion del ano para poder estar en la mejor en ese momento que tu quiera , encanta .
This has to be absolutely fake. The Mythbusters took 45 weather balloons to lift a 60 lb little girl... How many balloons are in this picture... Not enough to lift a house!
Xh Liu cool
how many balloons are there...............who's care i want to go inside
How incredible and beautiful is this!
Guys, can you levitate my house too? Or at least my flat only! Neighbours will be for it.
My kids want to do this to our house now. 
People with $$$ will do anything, i wish I had some $$$ live.
There as a guy who was flying in his chair with a cluster of weather baloons. He got famous.

Now, here, this is like taken out of the film "Up", except the balloons are bigger (more durable) than the small that was used in the movie.

I love it :)
k-_-l if only that was real
isaac P
It's UP in real life!
serena eckrich great photo wizard of oz
Those must be massive balloons and one light house...
Nice ballons hope i also with him
nice photo. and weather is good. beautiful. i feel good. everything,exept birds
nice photo. and weather is good. beautiful. i feel good. everything,exept birds
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