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The Internet... A Refreshing Way to Waste The Day

This might be me today.. :) Including Rainbows. :)

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Es una herramienta fantastica, pero siempre y cuando se utilice positivamente, le envio un saludo
Why doesn't my internet vomit rainbows?
This is the story of the last 10 years of my life...
That image kind of reminds me of Deep Thought from hitchhikers guide.
A joint that's always open 24/7:) a toast! Group Hug.
+Amanda Blain Isn't that like work for you?
I heard something spectacular happens when you reach the end
Yes ! When you reach The End ,You fall off ! He eh eh eh
Todo lo encierra el internet,es una red
para atrapar cosas buenas y malas, sólo
cada persona sabe para k usa esa inmensa
These Colours,As like You Are, So Bright Amanda ! You Have a Glow with a Striking Radiance that waves toward us from The Net and is Why We All Love You !
But ... the internet isn't infinite. It has an end. (Several pages claim to be the last page on the internet; I like this one: :-)
Mrs. Amanda Blain Good afternoon, my name is Jose Luis Tineo, I am a young man who is 27 years old, honest, responsible've worked very hard to succeed, I have a family of three brothers and a mother who does not have a house and that opportunities work are very scarce here in Peru, I have no technical accounting studies still can get a good job with fixed deadline, which makes my goal delinquent look for lack of resources, the aristocracy of the state, corruption is daily bread, I have little conociemiento of you, but I know that is a very recognized in its environment, I extend my lack of resources at the time that I am, I hope I can provide support and guidance in situation in which I find myself.
Before and after close the Door,someone's behind.
Oooh! Yes it does +Tiffany Elle! I just saw this artist at a local con. We both had a table in the same section. :)
"Paid for by Too Many Tabs ..."  That is so me... #TodaysTabCount  = 178 Yes that is One Hundred and seventy eight Chrome Tabs open at one time in 11 different windows. I'm like a hoarder of Websites. I was doing so well there for a while, I was down to 152.
Hello everyone!
We are a new YouTube channel and we write and record our own original songs. Feel free to add us to circles. Any adders will be added back and any YouTube subscribers will be subscribed back.
waste many things more than a day
sounds like just like me, I spend a lot of time on the internet,I manage a facebook page blog & on line advertisng all in one package, it sort of  keep me busy wanna check me out go to www.facebook .com/bvillaruz.
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