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Yawn - I'm so not a morning person

Morning... or well.. Night depending where you are :).
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Morning. BOM DIA! Brazil
Tina Bk
Silence does go well with coffee in the morning!
....and coffee would come out of faucets, ready to consume. Hugs Amanda.
It sux when you have just got up and you see people are just going to bed eh? Night, have a good day :)
Evidently, she really thought that one through...and she's right.
What's thing..wonderfulll
Red Roo
Wake up! Mornings are where life is at!!!
a noon here, hallo, u need a re-boot
I like her a lot. rather down to earth for an actress.
Red Roo
Don't waste the sun shine.....
I'm not awake until 11 even when I am out of bed at 8, or 7
dont worry youll out grow it with age,trust me
I work this way too. I'm glad to see there are other people like me. ;-)))
The wisest think I heard this morning...
Good Morning Guys!!!! Coffie time
Don't think that's possible for those of us that wake up at 5am. Nice thought, though.
Red Roo
Someone told me today to GSD.......Get Shit Done!
Chris S
wow she's really pretty
i thin it is not you whome gets up early in the is the have just sunday for rest and we have to work just on sundy in pak
Yes, I know. Awakening is an evolutionary process! Here is another thought for today:

Evolution is not a cakewalk! Mind is an incredible tool, if used prudently. Learn to go with the flow.
she reminds me of katy perry
I'm a morning person, too
Hug is nice always just not only to wake up even to sleep
Red Roo
Your dreams flow from your morning....the question is how do you receive them when you awake?
belu md
hello reshma so nice
we the INDIAN PAK BANGLA CHINA AND ALL THE EAST ... have to get up early in the morn bcz we,ve to bow and pray ,,,,,,,paat puja..........but you the west society being good on education have denied saying that wake up early is okward and late is fashion
Hugs are nice, but I'm TOTALLY a morning person!! :D
In an ideal world Zooey Deshanel would follow me around singing and tell people how cool I am.
Cutie wake up a little folding of hands and a lot more than poverty will grow on you.Thanks but lifes too short for 24hourssleep
s waking up is really hard but well sleep is d matter of wake up
I enjoy the mornings! I don't know why so many people have a prob with waking up? It's the best gift your given every day. The opposite to waking up would be way worse than an early morning.
um. what, shakil? denied nature?
also, it's 'awkward'.
stop ruining a great post!
Clearly you're not a morning person, as this was posted at midday! Wakey wakey.
night here the time is in Queesland is 11:06 at night lol much <3
I prefer a nice gentle love making session, then to fall asleep in each others arms...........THEN a coffee ;-)
when i grow up i wanna be zooey deschanel!!!!
kiki! wow we are like night and day, am a morning person, if i wake up late i will be in a bad mood the whole day
I can actually picture her saying something like that...she too cute.
I was sleepy this morning, so, my husband thought I am not in a good mood and grumpy. Not talking would have helped soooo much!!!!
She says that, but after dealing with all the guys who'd be lining up to hug her, she'd go back to talking.
Raj Roy
Ha hahh..well said
Or wake up before 10am.
Not so in Yoruba land, You prostrated as a man or kneel down as a woman to greet in the morning. Strongly disagreed.
Isn't it always before 10 am except when it's 10am.
Without Googling I have no idea who Zooey Deschanel is. Can some kind person sum her up and tell me who she is in one sentence please.
ypu is write about they because i hate get up
I'm down for some am hugs. Though I can't help but think of those with morning breath... ugh.
New kooky, sweet, attractive, young, actress.
She's a singer and actress best known these days for playing Jess in the show, "New Girl" on Fox.
I don't what is all about but i just stopped because of this photo 500 Days of summerrrrrrr
Gd my part of the world,its a taboo not to say gdmorning before 10am
Mohannad Alrabiah - I am totally free everyday before 10am :p
In an ideal world, people would gargle to freshen their breathe. You're talking about avoiding bad breathe conversations.
Thanks Mohannad for typing your name, because we couldn't see the one directly above it you ass.
well said, i totally agree
I cant agree more with this statement!!
brilliant !
yeah and not everyone gets that amazing chance to wake up everyday. some people stay asleep forever...
We could be! I wake up full throttle, loud music, exiting day’s plans, and running around the house. I would know to leave your room roe my cot in the basement sometime after the witching hour!
WE are all awake to the world at sometime in the day.We should look forward to the day to share make new memories and stay alive. Have you ever been bed riddened due to an illness?
+Jessica Florentino I don't know.. early morning snuggles with the munchkins.. that pretty much rocks! (BTW- I still do it sometimes.. crawl into my mom's bed and hang out with her, talk about stuff...)
When my 3yo tries to wake me I used to tell her that I couldn't move because I hadn't had a hug yet. Nowadays she doesn't even ask. She just hugs me first.

I'd never have guessed it myself, but it's amazing how much easier it is to get up when you've just been hugged.
In an ideal world, no-one would wake up before 10am...
I am NOT a morning person at all...I love to sleep in but that doesn't always work out with my teachers. Haha
this is ideal hahaha only wish it was true
LOL...this is an awesome Creative Person quote!
Its 12pm in the pacific but m still awake coz i had a bad dream two hrs ago. This the 10th time now. Guys got any coments
im not morning nor night person.... imm more of a "wake me up, and i will END YOU" kind of guy.
Red Roo
You have no choice... tomorrow comes for you
life is nice when there are sudden events - so, sometimes it is good idea to do unusual things...
Wait til you have kids.. it gets harder XD.
Chan Li
She is my type , like her performance in 500 days of summer
ha mornings r just the begining some r crappier then others
You right had a strong hug at 9pm feeling cool 
I hope I run into Zooey before 10 I can give her a hug.
Zooey, she's so cute i love her.. and im a huge fan of both her and her sister :) Bones and New Girl..awesome shows
waking up is not hard(lazy bimbo)
lol yeah, I'm not a morning person so this works for me.
That's what she said. (Sorry, can't help it)
Gosh that is so me in the morning i hug ppl lol
hi dear how are you and where are you from and if you are from us so can i have your contact number please?
lol i wish my mom was like that....shes worse than i am!
It sounds like something she as her character would have said on the show "Weeds"
Right.. don't try to hug me before my morning coffee, I bite.
That's really true happens to me as well.
Me too. I don't think anyone is. And yet, most of the important meetings and appointments end up being in the early morning especially in eastern part of the world.
i'd hug you Zooey everyday evereytime everywhere !!!, in the morning , noon, afternoon , evening and so on ...
nay min
hi my name is naymin .
u are very beautiful girl
what old are u?
i want to you are frient.
how are u?
where do you live?
i am myanmar.
bye bye......
I don't want to hug anyone, except my coffee mug..
so you guys really about to start a day ,while im still planing to sleep
Not a morning person either -____- and I can't stand people who are just too darn chipper with stuff like "MORNING, SUNSHINE!!"

On another note, I really like Zooey and I actually just started watching her show, New Girl =]
I don't really get what is written down.
Is is about love or?

but for sure I do love the model, isn't she the girl who playing NewGirl? lovely.. :)
I'm not so sure I would like the people I'm around on a daily basis giving me hugs before 10am. If we lived in a world where everyone was Zooey Deschanel, maybe....
I love to HUG in the morning too :->
I am a morning person, but I don't really like to talk as soon as I get up. Hugs are nice.
yeah that is awesome im tired ugggg
I like to watch the sun come watch the sun between enjoy the day..between sunset and what I didnt do during the day!! wish sleep wasn't necessary..:)
Has anybody watched 500 days of summer?
yeah i wish you were just wide awake all the time accept for if you have to acctually sleep
It is a good to wake up first before you start your day, so yes I agree hugs make you feel welcome. Talking is too much brain work if you have not yet woken up.
i love being married and her name is vicke and she trys to get up in the morring with are kids haha haha
Fortunately her name was written below because otherwise I would still think that this is Katy Perry.
i am after 10 am., we can have lunch breaks between 12 am
Awsome way of thinking. I wish the world was like that everyday
only hug before 10am? don't think i'm into doing that with my coworkers lol
In an ideal world, I wouldn't have to work.
Yes,all for it as long as coffee is there
I agree with that statement.
Katy Perry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111
nowwww cuz i get up befor then and i dont hug kiss or nothing but befor i leav out the house i do say see you later love u
Why would I not want a hug in d morning it very warming xpecialy when its cold......ill
this is phylosophical stigma ,partly right and difficult to adopt.
Awwww...what a beautiful world that would be.
I bet she'll find out Life is hard too....
i am sleeping at ten? but i work 11pm till 7am grave yard shift stinks, it's a good job though so ill deal with it.
I would have loved if this applied this morning...water polo at 5:40 is not fun
sound like me but not as crazy as mt bro cos he gets up at 6 in morning dont know how he does it
she means chug (coffee, of course) and not hug
There are few things better in this world then a good hug!
Say hi to me if you like in the morning just don't ask anything of me until I have my second cup of coffee in hand!
You got a point, I hate when people say good morning to me and expect an answer back. I usually just give them a mer.
I'll hug you!!!!!!!!!!!
I could really get on board with the "no one would talk before 10am" part.
Sounds like you're saying the world is round with that morning someplace comment. Is Google+ a safe place for flat wurlders?

Congrats on this post becoming the most popular of 3 posts on Google+. Wow, this place is a ghost town.
Sometimes I wish I had less to offer.
Does that statement seem obnoxious. That's how I feel about her statement. Leave the cutrness to the cuties. Age limit.
Wish I could sleep in till 10! I even work on Sundays and holidays. But anyway, good morning.
Don't talk to me or hug me either. LOL. Yuck. Could you imagine the first thing that happens when you get to work in the morning is a bunch of random strangers walking up to you and hugging all on you? Ugggghhh.
367 people commented on this. we're all fucked.
I Love It..........she is so right
I think that will work for're right, like it
") I Love This ....Ilove her too awsome actress.
well waking up at 3 o'clock is more worst than 10 am
If waking up is so hard, why do you wake up at all?
Morning? Who gets up in the morning? I go to bed in the morning. ;)
Oh yes. Apparently my little sister did not get that memo :\
Well in some world ...There are a lot it ...I most say .....people are busy working then
gus dek
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii........................................iam from indonesia, bali
I have been working 2nd shift as a machinist for over 30yrs, this simple statement is in small part a portion of my basic philosophy and life practice. Rise late, patiently await the kindling of energy and the presence of coherence... good day... :)
se reposer bien le jour pour bien dormir lanuit !!!...
I must agree, daily 4:30 am starts are hard.
evun do u all know their is nobody dat ever speak like Jesus; u know why cos he is the greatest.
You'! make post! after midnight now don't you'!..??? That makes you'! A Early Morning Person'!..???
morning....what u do before u sleep?
If evening or night person no problem
party to hard last night? ;-)
when u r with me we will spend every moment with love
What the...  Creepy, dude...  Creepy...
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