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*Coffee.. It's What's For Breakfast*

Early start for me today! Hope your weekend is fabulous Internet, regardless of its morning or night. :)

#coffee #inspiration
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Good to have a nice cuppa 
good morning to you..
or as we would say here right now, good afternoon ;-))
I am a coffee country, remains the king of drinks
interesting, i have developed a line of revolutionary coffees. Tri-Roast, CocaMocha Java in Caff, Half Caff, and Decaff all organic and heavy on the Mocca for dessert, and relying on Chiapas for Blend for the morning "Meal". Looking for partners with the ability to take the ball and run.
Sitting enjoying my second mug right now. Think I'll have a third.
I agree. But what kind and how is it prepared? At home, "Eight O"Clock" ground in a French press. Four table spoon for one cup. Perfect! Mobile and on the run? DunkinDoughnuts? Thumbs down since my daughter told me about the roaches there. Plus they wipe the germs off their hands as they put the lid on the cup for you. Starbucks? No taste. And the same problem with filthy hands wiping all over the lid as they put it on. I go to Wegmans self service and get my coffee. I can put my own lid on.
This should be on the "What's Hot" list already!
funny, I was just taking my first sip of it, as I made my first click of the day to this page... damn you chris!
A beverage after my own heart!
qi qing
i dont like coffee
qi qing
it can make you have a cance
"Be a coffee-drinking individual - espresso yourself!" 
qi qing
but the doctor tell me don't have ti
I liked you and I want to marry you:)
You know...  I think that's why I'm feeling down today.  My wife asked if I wanted coffee and I said no.  Stupid, stupid me.  Now I have to make my own pot.
+Jason Ritchie I will next time.  Even if I don't want any, at least it will be there.  In my defense, she came in to wake me up but ended up laying with me.  Can't blame me for not wanting her to get up right then
I love coffee cause it makes u hipper ytht us my faborote thing bout coffee:)
I love morning coffee. I can smell it.
Ive never had coffee my mom says im too young
It makes me sick to drink coffee with no food in my belly
I'm not a big coffee drinker, but at it has become essential to have at least one cup on the days when I have to work.
As I read this, all sleepy, with a hot, steaming cup in my hands, I realize the truth of this statement and vow to treasure each sip.
i agree...  2 cups of coffee to start my day :D
i freken hate coffe it need to go die in a hole byy coffee ewwww
True unless ur not tierd but o am so ya it is ....
That's how my mom feels. And she really cranky when she doesn't get her coffee in the morning.
The most important meal of the day is the food of the Spirit, that is reading and meditating on the word daily to feed my soul and spirit.  Growing in the faith and not on any religion but the Holy Word that is the only inspiration for my body, my soul and my spirit being strong!!
it's the best lunch and dinner too ...what do you mean??
No thing is TRUE in our life 
thats going to be meh friends motto
coffee it literally my breakfast every morning for the diet I am on. Increases your metabolism. FYI adding cinnamon to you diet is also supposed to help. 
Imp for drug addicts .................
That's true for coffee lovers; but i still prefer green tea. ;-))
5 hour energy! When you gotta get stuff done!
Add me as yur friend and we can chat on the chat messengers thing
Here in farm country in West Michigan, fresh fruits are out.  Breakfast with coffee and donuts at one of the farms with an old friend early in the morning is the most fun and enjoyable to just shoot the breeze.
Have you tried a good light breakfast and a black tea in the morning while taking your coffee two or three hours after. There is a big difference. Coffee alone is too heavy for the DT especially if it is black and on an empty stomach.
i drink turkish coffee every morning with my ciggaret after the breakfast
I somuch like coffee at anytime of the day or night.
Ken K.
Yes coffee is  !! lol
haha lol most people will say dhat
I was in Macdonald for my breakfast. I just ate apple pie with coffee
there. So, what did you have for your breakfast today?
well i prefer juices , shakes
Great, love my coffee. That my breakfast.
Dunkin' Donuts moca late
thats so stupid were not 333000 years old dumas f******* u
I start about every day with coffee (I work at a coffee roasterie) :)
D Paul
I agree! Can't function without my cup of Coffee..
I second that, SB no taste whatsoever
I have to agree after French toast. 
My son gave me a refrigerator magnet that says coffee first and then your mundane bullshit!!!!!!!! LOL
coffe isn´t breakfast... it doesn´t give strengh
Too tired to make breakfast, need coffee...
Hi, thanks for the coffee I gave but also with you somewhere, Fr Martin
Just like the Dunkin Doughnuts slogan, say "I run on coffee" instead of on Dunkin. Thanks Amanda for sharing!!!!
Is this for real, is this what you folks do.
coffeeeeee is life of morning
Reconozco q si es la mas importante pero yo por ejemplo es la q peor hago
I Wiche Teake I't Together
Wow! I love coffee very much it is natures stimulater given to man kind . Found by khalid the sheppared at the highland plateou of ( Caffa ) Ethiopia. Where it originates its name to be Coofee.
Prayer and coffee, start my day that what makes great when knowing blessed by God...
Hi Meredith  This is Dan in # 3, your neighbor. Your pic on the other websites are great.  Dan
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