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Walking Dead Returns This Sunday

:) Finally.... need more "how would people act in an end of the world situation". Few things make me giggle as much as meme cross overs. Bring on the Plants Prison Vs Zombies :)

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already planning my walking dead party.
+Maria Saldeno ....Hey where online can I find it for free? I hear it is way more intense than show- although the show is pretty darn intense for sure.
Oh my goodness, everytime I hear about it I begin salivating. Excessively. I had never seen the show until AMC aired a weekend marathon a few months ago. After the third episode, I was addicted. Finally the hole in my heart left by the endings of two of my absolute favorite shows, Alias and 24 has been filled. The Walking Dead is my new guilty pleasure. OMG!!! Sunday is almost here!!! Football and The Walking Dead, so freeeaking sweet!!!!
Netflix has season 1 & 2 streaming right now. Better start your Walking Dead Marathon if you need to catch up! 
+Isaac Smith , I'm not sure, but there is an option of using Torrents. I would prefer to buy it tho to have the collection smh 
I'm still catching up on what Netflix has. 
Oh Amc... How you've lost your way :)
By far the best show on the air .
claudia from warehouse 13 held me over .....but in need to see
I'm so excited! This season is going to be awesome. 
Yay! Walking dead rules!
I would make a Zombie Chariot, and charge it to victroy!
YAY!  I love this show!
sadly this series only works because these people are all fucking stupid.  

My Answer to the zombie apocalypse:  The Treadmill Moat.  
i can't wait until it come on i been waiting all this time

i want to see the samari chick with the sword
Can't wait...
This show is so good...
Even better than Breaking Bad
i would get a chainsaw and kill them.
No, nothing is better than breaking bad. Hopefully this walking dead season will be more action and not gay cop spooning and handjobbing. Christ, get over the emotional crap bring on zombies.
Just be prepared for Karl to resume his ridiculous stupidity. 
just crammed in season 2 on BR over the past couple of nights... bring on season 3...
my grandma has that game on her loptop
The whole world is excited for the premiere!
I wish I had good internet network like u guys,Nigeria sucks
Amanda, do you like that show? I have never watch it.
I'm not +Hafiz Halwi , I was turned off to the show because the characters were always whining and arguing. 
I will try to watch it next time, thanks for your advice.
I agree with Amanda bring plants vs zombies
SO COOL man use to play zobies vs plants
+Tod Anderson I agree but I watch the show just to see the action that show has to offer. :)
Looking forward to it but fear it will be watered down from the graphic novels (way darker than the show)...still, totally stoked on both...
I've recently finished reading all 102 issues of the walking dead comic series and i can honestly say I've never been so invested in the lives of any other fictional characters.... Its even better than the show... If you can believe that lol 
Sun/14 so pumped to see The Walking Dead I'm scary happy lol
Amen Jason! I am trying so hard to get the missus into it. Issue 100 blew me away.... with Frank Darabont gone now, I wonder how much of the governor arc. And I wonder if they will show how dark the kid gets too (Carl)
Hopefully Ricks wife will get eaten in the first episode. That would be a great way to kick things off right.
Feeling a little overdue chocolate to my tongue
i can't believe it! Plants vs. Zombies!
The walking dead is the beat show Eva !!!!!¡!!!!!!! Boss Rick is boss Shane is a dick
i love this show! looks like its gonna be an amazing season!...but then again...isnt it always?
Need some "how would people act in an end of the world situation"? Try grocery shopping before a long weekend 
never seen it but i'v played the game :)
Clearing up Sunday night for this awesome show
David: Having read the graphic novels which are years ahead in storyline time, not giving anything away but your wish may be granted wrt Ricks wife. That said, the show has veered far away from the real story so any BS is possible.
Hehheh, i love a funny post wit sensible humor.  I want a Peashooter for Christmas now.
I can hardly wait. LOVE THIS SHOW! 
here's a two sentence summary of every episode of the walking dead:
1. someone tells carl to get in the house
2. carl is NEVER in the fucking house
I can't wait to see the new season... :-) 
I can't wait either.  Watch the show on Sunday night, interview Danai Gurira (Michonne) Monday morning, and then do the +Geeks of the Round TWD Episode 301 discussion Monday evening!

Plan is set!
I think they should start eating the zombie meat...but cook it well done!
Yeah I saw season 2 was on Netflix but I still bought it in case of zombie apocalypse I'd still be able to watch it!!
I just watched a couple of episodes... Episode 2 28 minutes in.. Wholly crap.. Who thinks this shit up! 
i dont have cable though but i love this show :D
"how would people act": according to walking dead, mostly, overly dramatic and foolish.
The walking dead is terifiying and awesom!!!!!!
Love that show haha!!
Lol the main characters kid was in my class till 5th grade
Who in America including inbreeding monkeys isn't waiting on this premier to finally get here!
this new easons is going to be sweet
Never seen the show. I guess ill pick it up if I'm bored.
Im so excited for this!!
Walking dead marathon begins Saturday 10am on amc...set your dvr's
I like this prison vs zombies  games superb .........
Wonder if they might start having sex with the zombies seeing how they figured how to make them pets.......
Lol plants vs zombies... Mixed with the walking dead!!!
This would make a wonderful poster XD
Zombies living dead folks unrealistic tv for unrealistic people look out your windows theres so much out there
Yes this show is the best 
ummmm... modern warfare or plants vs zombies?
Yes... finally,,, I loved the first and second season... I'm sure this one is gonna be great !!!
remember that fear always lurks behind perfectionism
Lolz, i hope zombies really are that cute looking in the Apocalypse
Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.
I just finished watching second season... waiting for it...
its plants and zombies game right??????
plants vs zombies love dat  game
Awesome show,have you seen all previous epasodes?if not ,one should catch up
I think Carl is going to transform into a "Snake Pliskin" character in season 4. 
Watching the marathon tomorrow
O M G,pretty cool
i like this for my facebook wall paper lol
this is so funny, how can i share it on Facebook and Twitter please ? LoL
I heard a rumor that Stephen Harper will be making a cameo appearance playing the piano for some of his friends!
lol plants vs zzombies
i"ll go wild and gun down all that roaches! but nice pic
No !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Hershel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Would be he manages to come down or will stick to same.
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