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PR and Social Media

Here is my list of Social media folks and Public Relation people. Looking for advice on how to market your brand, yourself or just great helpful posts? These are the folks that have the stuff.

As always .. if you should be here just write me a quick note why.. Anyone left out... Sorry! Next round. Circle has been cleaned of inactive posters... Lots of these are not the 'typical suggestions'... Enjoy.
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I'm glad you posted this. I was having a hard time finding people in these genre's.
Woohoo! Thank you! :-) Thrilled and honoured to be in this great crowd!
Thanks for including me, I look forward to sharing with new faces :)
+Miguel Rodriguez Thanks for the shout out Miguel. I'm going to tag you on an article I just wrote that I think you will enjoy.
Thanks Amanda! :D Much appreciated!
Thank you, Amanda! I hope you'll have a nice cozy Christmas time. 
Yay for taking the time to keep the circle fresh and full of "not the typical suggestions!" Happy to be included. Thanks bunches +Amanda Blain
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